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The Yoga of Sustainability

We just finished our Yogathon and Blissfest meeting last night. There is so much to do to make an event like this happen. Last night, I went to bed probably like all the other committee members thinking "man, there is so much to do for this event it is overwhelming. How can I possibly do all of this along with all the other millions of things I have to do in my life?"

It is good during these times to have a check in with oneself. Why are you doing what you are doing? Do you ever do that? Just stop and think about why you are doing the things you do?

Hatha Yoga teaches me that. If we find ourselves going so deep into poses that we get injured or that the very sap of our practice, our joy, shrivels up in the process of pushing ourselves too much, it really forces us to make an assessment... Hopefully.

That is what I am doing right now with the Yogathon and Blissfest in mind. Trying to clarify to my own self why we are all doing this event.

The first thing that comes to mind really is sustainability. Odd place to start, isn't it? But what I feel is that we need to broaden some concepts in our language. Sustainability is about actions that enable something to last.

Unsustainable lifestyle we have created both culturally and environmentally all share the same root cause. Living in a culture where we only value our own desires. Where all we care about is receiving from people and resources. The human animal has always had myths that helped him stay grounded in his or her connection to others. We always had churches or gathering places where we could come together as a community and really feel the power of that bond.

With the demise of spirituality and the increasingly economic focus to our lives, we often don't make time to come together as a society to connect. It is that deep feeling of connection that is ultimately what inspires us to live more sustainable lives. It is this shift that needs to happen.

Why is there a separate movement for green living, for health, for yoga, for kids? Aren't they all trying to help us create a more sustainable way of living?

Why don't we all come together in one big, fun event to celebrate being here. Together. To give to others in need from our community at the same time.

That is what keeps all of us going.

Let's create such a fun vibe that the very life force that feeds our cells as individuals and as a larger social body will dance with creative nectar.

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