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Question: Enlightenment, or being at one with the universal mind, must be very different than the concept of omniscience, or knowing everything about everything. Could you elaborate on the distinction? Or do you believe that one who is enlightened would also be omniscient?

Well, I am not Enlightened, so I cant really give you the Enlightened Perspective on Enlightenment or Omniscience, but I will gladly talk about it with you and tell you what I think, so to speak.
I think the deal is that no matter what you and I and all of us are already one with the Universal Mind. That's because the Universal HeartMindbeing infinitely expressed is all there is, and so, of course, we are already one with it. That's debatable, I know, and people debate about it, and I wasn't always as certain about that as I am now, but that is where my allegiance is now. Thats one thing. Whether one is aware of it or not, whether one is enlightened or not, still, we ARE all one with the Universal already, in my opinion. So, being one with Universal Mind is not equivalent to being...

posted: 11 years 10 months ago
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