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Yoga and Ceremony Retreat in Montana!

Hello Everyone,

Springtime greetings!
Cheri Clampett and I invite you to join us in Montana  July 10 - 16, for our intensive retreat: Yoga and Ceremony .
This will be a Wonder Full week of yoga and ceremony in an exquisite setting. We will great each sunrise with morning chanting, meditation and yoga, followed in the late afternoon and evening with writing and creative process work, experiential and visioning exercises, and a nurturing Therapeutic Yoga practice. During the week, you will have the opportunity for a day long (and optional overnight) fast and vision quest on the land, and for cleansing and prayer in the Sweat Lodge Ceremonies. We have 8,000 lush high country acres of land to wander and horseback ride on, healthy and bountiful meals to be nourished by, visits to the extensive cave system and swimming holes along the river, and.....a whole week together to deepen our practices. Come immerse yourself in this healing and transformational week at the Blacktail Ranch with us.
For more information, to register, and view photos of our past retreats at the Blacktail Ranch, please visit:
To visit Cheri's website, please go to

You are welcome to contact me with any questions by email: or phone: (805)566-5374.
May this spring season bring the flowering of your creative dreams and Spirit.


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