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April 2013: What Do YOU Want?

Michell Dorer in Viranchasana

We REALLY want to know. What do YOU want?

April feels like the culmination of a great deal of work on many levels. We have made it through a long, challenging Winter where we spent time downsizing and taking inventory of what is working and what is not. We have made some hard decisions and have let go of what is no longer serving us. With the return of Spring is the Return of Hope. , the spiritual quality of the spring in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We have been inspired by teachings on TCM as well as Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. We will be sharing some clips from our studies over the next several weeks as we continue to finalize our new website. This month is the first month in many months where we are not providing NEW FREE content.

Since our inception in 2006 our mission is to provide high quality yoga media in the form of audio, video, photography and articles highlighting all aspects of yoga from many wisdom traditions. You can find our content streaming in our Features Section, in iTunes on our podcast, on YouTube AND we have over One Hundred and Eight hours of exclusive audio and video content still to be released.

Continue to enjoy our FREE content and support our efforts by purchasing downloads in our lovingly hand-crafted download store  so we can bring you not only a new and improved download store and Yoga Kula, but some developments the yoga community has yet to see! We are putting ourselves back on the map with our cutting edge technology.

In the meantime, we REALLY want to hear from you. What do YOU want? We appreciate your participation and your feedback.

With Gratitude.
Sara Miles Pope Agelasto
Love. Service. Devotion. Yoga.

Help Us Build the Asana Index!

We are building the first ever yoga asana index of its kind. One of the reasons which makes this asana index unique is that it is community-built. Everyone who wants to contribute can contribute. This gorgeous photo is iHanuman Yoga Teacher and Ashtanga Yoga OBX Director, Michelle Dorer, in Viranchyasana. This happens to be a very advanced pose, but we are looking photos of all asanas from everywhere around the world. So send us your favorite asana images now!

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Right now, when you sign up for a free iHanuman Account, you will receive a free download from one of our teachers, John Schumacher. John offers a discussion on "How Our Attitudes Towards Others Effect Our Clarity of Mind." By signing up for a free account, you will receive information about new free content that will only be available to our members in our new store. Enjoy the benefits of being a member by signing up for a FREE account Now!

Upcoming Charlottesville Yoga Workshops

Charlottesville Virginia has always been a center of spirituality. But  a grant from the Jois Foundation for the creation and development of the Contemplative Sciences Center, seems to be putting us back on the Yoga map. Thanks to two of Cville's dedicated yoga studios, we are going to be graced with two Yoga Masters over the next couple of weeks. Don't miss your opportunity to study with one or both of these sought-after teachers.

April 19 - 21: The Thread of Nectar, A Weekend Workshop with Richard Freeman, Director of the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado. Hosted by Ashtanga Yoga Charlottesville.
May 5 - 7: A Weekend Workshop with  Kofi Busia. Kofi Busia is one of the foremost teachers in the Iyengar Tradition. Workshop Hosted by Common Ground. *Are you a Yoga Studio Owner? Would you like to be featured in an upcoming newsletter? Contact us to learn how!

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