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August 2013: Virginia is Definitely for Yoga Lovers

Cora Wen in Pascimottanasana

Where Did the Summer Go!?

In addition to enjoying some delicious time outside connecting with nature (VITALLY IMPORTANT!) we have spent the heat of the day inside, adding hundreds of new downloads to our NEW download store ( Kino MacGregor, Cora Wen, Elise Miller, David Garrigues, & Andrey Lappa, to name a few). We have updated hundreds of yoga studios in our yoga studio index. We have added new poses to our yogi-sourced asana index and curated dozens of teacher galleries. We have a VERY complex website and have spent the summer putting all of pieces together on the quilt that is our multimedia yoga website, iHanuman 3.0!

We will be handing over the keys to our teachers and to YOU, the community, this Fall. We are in a phase in what we call in the technology world, Beta Testing. This means, we want teachers and students of all shapes and sizes, to test the site and give us feedback. If you are interested in committing a few hours of your precious time into helping to make this the best site it can possibly be, please Contact US. And we will send you further details.

And if you would love to help us out, but are not necessarily ready to take on the role of beta tester, you can help in other ways, like by purchasing a download, subscribing to our podcast, telling your friends or submitting asana images (pictures of you practicing your favorite poses).

In the meantime, if you are in Virginia in the September, there happens to be an incredible amount of excellent opportunities to practice with amazing teachers.
Stay outside as long as you can and THEN come back inside when the weather cools down and get ready for the new site!

Enjoy the remaining days of summer.
With Love,

Sara Pope Agelasto, RYT, CNHP
Co-Founder, iHanuman Yoga Media

Don't Miss the Charlottesville Viewing of Yoga Woman Film! Sunday, September 22nd at 5pm at Piedmont Community College. Bring a Friend and enjoy a beautiful film about some of the lady luminaries teaching yoga today. Proceeds to Bring Yoga Scholarships to students at Common Ground.

Support the Amazing Raise Yoga-Thon! -September 18 - 19, Project Yoga Richmond hosts 36 hours of continuous yoga at their studio in Richmond, Virginia, 14 teachers, different styles for all levels and two djs! And the entire event will be available to watch remotely via live feed! Find Out How You can participate on the Amazing Raise Events Page.

Yoga Retreat with Sandra Pleasants and Leslie Freyberg: Join Iyengar Yoga Teacher Sandra Pleasants on her annual Fall Yoga Retreat at the Acorn Inn, Nellysford, Virginia. This year, Sandra has invited special guest, Leslie Freyberg, to join the retreat and teach sanskrit, the ancient language of yoga, and chanting. Join the retreat September 27 - 29. Contact Sandra Pleasants for more information.

Purchase Downloads and Help Fund Our Development. Every download you purchase, not only supports YOUR Favorite Teachers AND gives 5% to charitable organizations, it also brings us that much closer to finishing our NEW site. We are inches away from upgrading our new site. And your support helps keep us going while we fund this MASSIVE upgrade. We hope you will continue to purchase downloads and recommend us to your friends. Thank you for your continued support. Download Yoga Classes Now!

Forward Bends for Dog Days of Summer! We continue to collect images for our Asana Index. We cannot wait for you to see. This image comes from iHanuman Yoga Teacher, Cora Wen, (actually an image for an upcoming downloadable workshop with Cora :). Uttanasana, is a standing forward bend, perfect for cooling off in the summer heat. Try it! And Send us your favorite yoga poses now!




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