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August 2022: Summertime Fire, Relationships, Routine & Spontaneity

Lois Steinberg, PhD. in Urdhva Padmasana

Summertime Fire Relationships, Routine & Spontaneity  Live Yoga Classes, FREE Intro to Iyengar Yoga Series,  Summer Intensives with Lois Steinberg, Intermediate Yoga in Fiji with Elise Miller & More!

The ability to relate to other people arises from the fire energy of the summer season. The emotions of the summer season encourage fluidity, flexibility and going with the flow. Summer is the season we spend more time with family and friends and highlights the strength of our relationships. During a season when it feels like everyone is on vacation or at a party, if you are not, it can feel a little disheartening or lonely and points to a need to strengthen your fire energy. 

This week, I am in my happy place, at the beach, soaking up some rays of sunshine and relaxing in the waves of the ocean before we make the shift back into our more regular routines and schedules. Routines are helpful for creating healthy habits like regular sleep and wake schedules as well as daily physical exercise and yoga. I am a huge fan of plans and routines, but summer is the time of year  to shake things up a bit. Get out of a rut and try something new! Breaking your routine can be helpful for brain health, too! 

The human brain gets into a rut and starts to ruminate over and over things (more common in the late summer season of Earth - more on that next month). Brains need new ideas and spontaneity to create new neural networks to stay active, healthy and vital. What is something new you can try before we get back into our routines this fall? Make use of the continued warm days of summer and do something outside like a dance class or warm night walk after dinner or swimming in the ocean or a freshwater lake with friends. Try a new yoga class, just for the fun of it!  Many classes are held outside in local parks or on the beach this time of year. Summer is a wonderful season to do something you love that you don’t normally feel you have time for during the year or an opportunity to try something completely new. 

We have lots of classes from beginner to advanced, you can explore and take with you anywhere you go! 

We hope you will continue to laugh, love and be spontaneous this summer! We look forward to hearing something new you discover about yourself. Surprise yourself! You never know what you might learn! 

With lots of love and good vibes to you for the remaining days of summer, 

Sara Agelasto

New Live ONLINE Class This Summer! Start your week off on the right foot this summer with a Level I-II Iyengar Yoga Class. Mondays 9:30am - 10:45am EST. 75 minutes of strength, flexibility & relaxation to start your week off centered, grounded & balanced. Visit YogaCville to Register! This experienced beginners class, assumes some familiarity with Iyengar Yoga. If you would like a refresher or are new to yoga, try a FREE Introduction to Iyengar Yoga Class Series  & THEN Join Us!

Summer Intensives with Lois Steinberg, PhD: For Iyengar Yoga practitioners to deepen practice, skills, knowledge, and (optional) teacher education. These classes include a wide range of arm balances, inversions, backbends, abdominal poses, standing poses and twists as outlined in the individual classes. A minimum of two years study in Iyengar Yoga with a certified teacher is recommended. 
Purchase the entire workshop from several years for at least 20% off the cost of the individual classes. Listen to Samples and Download All of the Intensives in Their Entirety Here. 

Intermediate Yoga in Fiji with Elise Miller: This breathtaking video provides a 50 minute intermediate home practice in the idyllic setting on one of the most pristine beaches of Fiji. Elise Miller guides you through a progressive vinyasa flow sequence that includes Sun Salutations, Iyengar jumpings, standing poses, backbends, inversion, balances, and twists. Check Out Intermediate Yoga in Fiji with Elise Miller! 

FREE Introduction to Iyengar Yoga Class Series: We recorded an Introduction to Iyengar Yoga class series which we hope will be the launching pad for your yoga practice. This series is offered with love for FREE. Visit Our YouTube Channel to View the Entire Series and practice at your own pace. If you enjoy the series, please like, share and comment on the videos to let us know what you think! Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel for More Free Videos from our Community Of Experienced  International Teachers. 


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