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Bhekasana- Frog Pose

Bhekasana or Frog Pose is another challenging backbend which requires strength not only in the back but also in the arms and flexibility in the shoulders. Bhekasana is best practiced after warming up with standing poses or other preparatory backbends. Beryl Bender Birch suggests a great sequence in her Yoga Journal Article of Supta Virasana - Reclining Hero's Pose, Dhanurasana - Bow Pose, and Ustrasana - Camel Pose.

Because of the challenging nature of the pose, it is also recommended to practice Ardha Bhekasana, Half Frog Pose, first to open up the front of the body and to learn the proper hand placement. Esther Eckhart of Yogatic, has an instructional video demonstrating, Ardha Bhekasana.


Assist in Bhekasana After practicing Bhekhasana on your own for a while, it is luxurious to enlist the help of a fellow yogi to help lift the chest in this pose. It feels fabulous and is a welcome assist after the strength required in the arms and openness in the chest. Enjoy!

Listen to the Pronunciation of Bhekasana. Courtesy of the Online Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide.[audio:]

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