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Celebrate the Auspicious Pink Full Moon, Hanuman's Birthday and This Holy Month

Jai Hanuman

The Full Moon this month is a particularly auspicious moon on many calendars. Native Americans named it the Pink Moon to denote the Pink Phlox which spreads as one of the first harbingers of spring. It is the Pesach or Passover Moon in the Hebrew Calendar. In the Christian Calendar this is the Paschal Moon as it is the full moon that marks the date of Easter or Pascha. And in the Hindu Calendar this Full Moon corresponds with the Hanuman Jayanti Festival celebrating the birth of Lord Sri Hanuman. This full moon is also the largest super moon of the year!

We are celebrating with some stories of Hanuman from our archives and with an offering of 20% off ALL Downloads in our Store this month. We hope you will enjoy!

Enjoy A Free Class with Cynthia Woodring: Cynthia Woodring is a Hatha Yoga Teacher in Charlottesville, Virginia. She generously allowed iHanuman to record her 1.5 hour class almost 14 years ago when iHanuman was in it's infancy. Cynthia studies Hindu mythology along with her study of yoga over the past 30 years and she beautifully interweaves the story of Hanuman into this class, culminating in the pose Hanumanasana.

The full pose, Hanumanasana, is quite a challenging pose, but Cynthia takes you gently into the full pose through several hip openers and hamstring lengtheners before asking you to try the full pose. So find a quiet space on the floor with your yoga mat and a few blankets. Do what you can or just enjoy listening to the story.  Jai Hanuman!

Practice with Ashtanga Yogi Tim Miller:Tim Miller Taught a Weekend Workshop On Hanuman's Birthday, a few years ago. We recorded several sessions including a Led Primary Series Practice where Tim chanted the Hanuman Chalisa - The Devotional Hymn to Lord Hanuman. It was a special weekend with a special teacher. Listen and Download Several Classes from the Weekend! Remember to Use the Code HANUMAN20 for 20% ALL Downloads in Honor of Hanuman's Birthday.

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