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Discover Your Joy. Practice Gratitude & Compassion.

Lois Steinberg in Kapotasana

Can we finally begin to breathe a sigh of relief? July was unbearably hot. August invites a cooling down period or at least tells us there is an end in sight! We kept visions of cool ponds, pools, rivers and oceans everywhere we went. In southwestern Virginia, we were lucky to receive plenty of rain in the spring and early summer, but now everything is dry and hot!

We want to be sure to mention some news that came out this month, "For First Time Ever, Scientists Identify How Many Trees to Plant and Where to Plant Them to Stop Climate Crisis." We are very excited about this because it is a clear example of an accomplishable goal we can set and reach with regards to climate change.

As many of you know, iHanuman has always donated at least 5% of every sale to charitable organizations. These organizations rotate every year as we try to respond to natural disasters.  For 2019, we have chosen to support the work of planting trees with the goal of reducing our carbon output by two-thirds! We will turn things around, if we set our collective minds and action towards accomplishing our goals. Thank YOU for Your Support in Helping to Reach our Goals!

We enjoyed a week at the beach with family this month and reflected on Joy, Happiness and Compassion - some of the qualities of the waning Fire season. I asked myself, "What brings me joy? What makes me happy? And what can I do to bring more of this into my everyday life?"

One activity that helps to uncover what you love is to write a gratitude list. "What or who am I grateful for and of those people, places & things, which of these brings me the most joy? How can I bring more of these things into my life?" Through this practice, we begin to see how fortunate we truly are. Once we realize how fortunate we are, we begin to understand that we have so much capacity for compassion for others. The question becomes, what will we do to give back each and EVERY DAY?

We hope you will discover or rediscover this sense of gratitude and joy for what you have. And that you have spent some quality time connecting with others during the summer season. Connecting with others is key to the summertime and one of the characteristics which we can bring with us into August, a transitional period, as we move into the airy element of Fall.

Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer and we hope you discover what truly brings you joy.

With Love & Compassion,

Sara Agelasto

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