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Eliminate and Let Go with Pranayama. New Recordings with John Schumacher & Kofi Busa, 10 % off ALL Downloads through the end of 2016!

Pranyama for the Lungs

"The Three Months of Fall are called the period of tranquility of one's conduct... The mysterious powers of Fall create dryness in Heaven and they create metal upon the Earth."

At the end of October and for some of us not until November, we transitioned from the late summer energy of early Fall into the true Fall Energy of Metal or the quality most closely associated with the Ayurvedic element of Air. Air and Metal energies concern mental and spiritual activities, including the workings of the mind, the intellect and communication.

Metal energy is about receiving and letting go. As the trees shed their leaves every year, so must we pare down in preparation for Winter. It is a time to pause and take stock of the year's growth. Sometimes there can be a sense of loss or melancholy at this time. If it has been a good "harvest", we can have a feeling of completion and a clear sense of our "value" and "worth".

The Metal Energy in our bodies governs our basic rhythms of receiving and letting go through the breath and through bodily eliminations of the colon and the largest organ of the body, the skin. Proper intake and elimination helps to keep things flowing and prevents stagnation and dis-ease.

During the Metal phase of the year, we connect to the meaning in our lives, and become re-inspired for another cycle to begin after a Winter's rest.

Fall is an opportune time to renew your pranayama practice and cleanse the body with local in-season fresh greens and root vegetables. Try to abstain from some of the indulgences of the holidays and download some of our latest pranayama recordings with John Schumacher. Look out for more upcoming recordings with Kofi Busia. Keep up your yoga, meditation and pranayama practice and stay grounded this season.

With Gratitude,

Sara Agelasto
Co-Founder, iHanuman

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Herbal Lung Tonic Try Licorice Root, Ginger Root, Wild Cherry Bark and Coltsfoot for a Nourishing Tonic Tea for the Lungs. Or add Ginger, Cayenne and Curry to your favorite recipes to support the Lungs during the remaining dry weeks this Fall. Yum!

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