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The Expansiveness and Joy of Summer - June 2018

Lois Steinberg - Summer

Memorial Day marked the unofficial start of the summer season. Summer ignites the fire element. The warmth of fire has the power to bring us out of the contraction of the cold dark winter into a state of expansion and joy. We have more energy to accomplish our tasks and more hours of light within which to accomplish them.

Fire is known for its dynamism, transformation and passion, but also gives us the capacity to feel joy, compassion, empathy as well as deep sadness, because only a strong heart can truly feel deep sadness.

As I prepare to teach a summer seasonal retreat, I am struck by the instructions left to us by the ancient sages from the taoist tradition who wrote:

"After a night of sleep, people should get up early (in the morning). They should not weary during the daytime and they should not allow their minds to become angry. They should enable the best parts (of their body and spirit) to develop; they should enable their breath to communicate with the outside world; and they should act as though they loved everything outside. "

What a wonderful prescription for how we should chill and enjoy ourselves this summer. Cheers to that!

With Cooling Vibes,

Sara Agelasto


Summer Recordings: Lois Steinberg's Summer Intensive 2017

We are pleased to Release Lois' Annual Summer Intensive Recordings! For Iyengar Yoga practitioners to deepen practice, skills, knowledge, and (optional) teacher education.This week long intensive includes four asana classes and two pranayama classes for a total of 14 hours of instruction. These classes include a wide range of inversions, backbends, core poses and standing poses. You can view the pose lists for each of these classes and all of the iHanuman Downloads in Our Store. Download the Entire Intensive or choose Individual Classes! Listen to Sample Recordings and Download Now!

New Recordings and FREE Class with James Foulkes 

James is a Certified Yoga Therapist, E-RYT 500 ​and has been teaching for nearly 20 years. Originally from England and based in the Washington DC area, James' approach is based on the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli which breaks apart the conventional way that yoga is taught by accessing playfulness, creativity and the intelligence of the living system. Learn more about James and Download his New Classes including a Free class on his Teacher Page. 

Yoga to Cool the Spirits: A Restorative Yoga Retreat - June 23, 2018 1-4pm

Summer introduces us to the Fire Element. The Fire element can lead to inflammation in the body and joints, acid reflux and heartburn, an increase in heat in the body, and feelings of frustration, anger and irritability. In this workshop, you will gain dietary, lifestyle and herbal recommendations to support you during this time of year, as well as how to become more attuned to seasonal shifts at large. The day will include a small lecture, time for questions and discussion, a guided meditation and an hour and fifteen minute restorative yoga practice. Beginners welcome as well as more experienced practitioners.  Register Now to Enjoy the Retreat.

Latest Yoga Pose: Malasana

Practice Cooling Yoga Poses like forward bends during the summer. Thanks to Siegfried Bleher for this gorgeous example of Malasana, Garland Pose.


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