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Love, Service, Devotion, Yoga

February 2013: How Our Attitudes Affect Others. FREE Download. New Live Classes! With Love.

Jaye Martin in Hanumanasana

Did anyone else feel like they wanted to start this year over? Thank God for the Chinese New Year, the first new moon of the Lunar Year. 2013 is the year of the Water Snake.  The moon takes close to 13 months to travel around the Earth. This New Year speaks more to me than the arbitrary day, December 31, marking the Earth's revolution around the sun. Imbolc, the Return of the Light, has just passed and with it the fact that we made it to the halfway point between the first day of Winter and the first day of Spring.

We, at iHanuman, feel we have pushed through the dark night of Winter and finally see the light of Spring. But will heed the prophecy of the Chinese New Year, well described in this quote by Joseph Cambell, "We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come." The old ways, as prophesied by ancient Astrologers, are no longer sustainable. It is time to move forward with the Great Innovator, Uranus. Be Quick and Decisive, like the Snake. What works for you and what does not? Take Inventory. We are ALL going to be busy, but be sure that what you are busying yourself with is sustainable and worthwhile.

We continue to work on what we feel to be worthwhile, OUR NEW WEBSITE! We would love to know what YOU think is working and what is not.  While you contemplate that, Enjoy a FREE Download with John Schumacher. Or support our development and purchase one of our new downloads with Dr. Lois Steinberg. We appreciate your participation and your feedback.

With Gratitude.
Sara Miles Pope Agelasto
Love. Service. Devotion. Yoga.

New Classes with Lois!

Lois Steinberg, PhD is a Doctor of Nutrition Science AND an Advanced Junior II Iyengar Yoga Teacher. Her classes incorporate Yoga Sutra Study and an in-depth study of Alignment in Yoga. Recorded LIVE at her Yoga Institute in Illinois, these classes from the Fall of 2012 concentrate on Intermediate and Advanced Twists. Visit the download store NOW and download her latest classes!

Free Download: How Our Attitudes Towards Others Affect Our Clarity of Mind

Senior Teacher, John Schumacher, leads a FREE Quarterly Discussion at his Unity Woods Yoga Center. This one-hour discussion offers insights into the Yoga Sutra I.33 which asks us to "Delight in the Virtue of Others to still our own consciousness." Listen to John's thoughts and Download now! Find More of John's FREE Discussions on his Teacher Page.

We continue to make strides with the website!

It is a great deal of work for a small team of dedicated individuals. We appreciate your patience. If you believe in what we have already created, consider a purchase of downloads in our store. With YOUR purchase, you support iHanuman, your favorite teachers AND responsible charitable organizations . While you contemplate your purchase, Enjoy a FREE Download with John Schumacher. We have hours of FREE content on the website for you to listen to, watch and enjoy. Tell your friends! We love your feedback, so please tell us what you think.

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