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February 2016: Lunar Fire Monkey

Jaye Martin in Hanumanasana
Happy Lunar Fire Monkey New Year!
As I have mentioned before, I always feel much more ready for the New Year in tune with the Lunar cycles of the year. And for it to be a Yang Fire Monkey Year, what could be better for iHanuman? It sounds like this is going to be a fire cracker of a year, so get ready! But as we mentioned last month, we are still in the slower, darker, yin winter season, so it's ok to continue to ease your way into your new year. The winter season of the year is when we nourish our Kidneys, the organ which rules the winter season. The kidneys are responsible for our long term energy stores. They house your ancestral chi (energy). This is where good genes come into play, so you can thank your grandparents, if they came from good healthy stock and passed along strong stores of energy to your parents and to YOU!
If your chi is low, the winter time is a particularly important time to rest and recuperate and build up your reserves for the required energy of spring and summer. One way to do is this is by practicing gentle restorative back bends which subtly stimulate the kidney organ and the kidney and bladder meridians on the back of the body. Another yogic practice for building energy is through the practice of pranayama or breath awareness, inspiration and release. A simple practice is to lie on your back and gently draw in long slow steady inhalations and expire long slow steady exhalations, increasing your prana, life force.
We are excited to release some more high quality recordings with Senior Teachers, Kofi Busia and Lois Steinberg, which we hope will keep you warm in your winter cocoon for a little while longer. We have more recordings coming out next month too, so stay tuned.
With Much Love and Kidney Warmth this Winter, 
Sara Miles Pope Agelasto
Co-Founder, iHanuman
Latest Asana Image: iHanuman Anusara Yoga Teacher Jaye Martin in Hanumanasana! Hanumanasana is a challenging backbend which should be prepared for and practiced with a competent teacher. Want to share your asana images with a wider audience? Join iHanuman and share your images Now!

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Latest Asana Sequence: Winter Backbends for Kidneys and Urinary Bladder Meridians: Inspired by the desire to nourish the kidney meridian which flows through the center of the body including the center line of the legs as well as the Urinary Bladder meridian which flows down the entire back of the body. Backbends can be very stimulating, but move through this challenging sequence slowly, working to balance these meridians as opposed to over working and taxing these important energy centers. View the Sequence Now!

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