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Find Your Passion & Share Your Joy This Summer

As we have talked about in previous articles, summer is represented by the Fire element which is our passion, joy, creativity and the quality of our relationships. This period of time of social distancing makes some of these aspects of summer challenging but we must keep these important qualities at the forefront during these fleeting months. For example, now is a great time to dig deeply into connecting or reconnecting with what brings you joy; to discover or rediscover some areas of life about which you are truly passionate. Have you always wanted to learn how to paint, draw, play a musical instrument or a speak a new language? How often do you do something just for the pure joy of it?

How can you cultivate your relationships during this time? If you are burned out on zoom calls, take time for a phone call to long distance friends and family. Schedule a yoga practice with some of your friends and family. I have family who get together every week online for a game of bingo. I plan to come up with a creative way to celebrate my birthday in a couple of months. I have a friend who invited friends to a video call and asked us to share some adjectives that we use to describe her, our friend, on her birthday.  It was a great way to have an uplifting conversation to celebrate our friendship. Be Creative!

If you feel down, you are not alone and there are others you know who are also experiencing a sense of loss or lack of joy during this time. Create cards or small presents for your loved ones. Mail them or give them to your friends when you see them again.  Take a picture of something special and share it with your friends personally.The act of thinking about our loved ones and creating something for them helps to lift our own spirits and nourish our Fire Element at this time.

Below are some gifts we have created for you in hopes of lifting your spirits and inspiring your yoga practice including a coupon for 20% ALL Downloads Until August 1! Use coupon code SUMMER20.

With Love & Compassion,
Sara Agelasto

Summer Intensives with Lois Steinberg
Challenge Yourself this Summer with Classes from Lois Steinberg's Annual Summer Intensives. Lois records many of her live classes including her annual summer intensive. If you are looking for a way to re-invigorate your yoga practice this summer, this is a great series of classes to try. Download Asana and Pranayama Classes from Lois Summer Intensives Now!  Not quite ready to take the plunge. Download individual classes from Beginner to Advanced in our Store. Visit Our Store Now for Inspiration!

Iyengar Yoga Festival Sequences
We had the opportunity to participate in an event sponsored by the Iyengar Yoga Association of the US over the recent holiday weekend. Several Advanced Iyengar Yoga teachers donated their time to offer All Levels Yoga Classes. The event is a benefit for members of the National Iyengar Yoga Association, but you can still become a member and have access to the recordings! Visit IYNAUS to become a member. We created sequences from several of the classes in the Sequences Section of Our website. Enjoy them now!

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Technical Support During This Transition
Now that many of you and your studios are comfortable providing classes live online. You have the potential to create another revenue stream by creating the absolute best recordings you can and distributing them online.  Sign Up for a FREE iHanuman Teacher Account and Distribute Your Recorded Classes Online. We would love to help you. Create A Free iHanuman Account Now!

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A Perfect Act
"No action is undesirable as long as it produces a beneficial result to all concerned, including you. You may call that a perfect act. The definition of a perfect act is one that neither hurts you, nor hurts anyone else. At the same time, it should bring at least some benefit to somebody. Sometimes due to past life experiences, or lack of proper training, the mind would want to do things that are not beneficial. Gently direct the mind, educate it. That is yoga. The very purpose of all your spiritual practice is to learn how to direct your thoughts and actions for a good purpose." - Swami Satchidananda

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