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Forward Bends for Summer & The 5th Annual International Day of Yoga

Wow Friends!

We are almost halfway through the year and there is so much to celebrate! The summer solstice is right around the corner and with it the peak growth and full blooms of all of our hard work this year. The first official day of summer is also the day that the United Nations chose to celebrate International Yoga Day! There are events happening globally. It is an opportune time to be with your community to celebrate the gifts of yoga and share those benefits with others.

Our community in Virginia is offering 4 free classes in honor of International Yoga Day. The class I will teach is Forward Bends for Summer. I offer this class to help counterbalance the fire energy associated with summertime.  It is essential that we do not become consumed by the fire and burn ourselves out. Forward bends are not only cooling, calming and grounding, but they ask us to look at ourselves (literally) and to discern what we truly see. When we fold in on ourselves we become introspective and tend to our needs. When we don’t tend to your own fire energy, we can easily burnout, boil over or leap our bounds.

I will share with the students some poses and practices to help stay cool, grounded and restored this summer. Take a look at the sequence as I begin to build it in our Asana Index.

Summer is the ideal time to socialize and share your joy and love with those around you. I love this recommendation for how to be in summer from the Nei Jing - one of the classic chinese medical texts,

“ After a night of sleep, people should get up early (in the morning). They should not weary during daytime and they should not allow their minds to become angry. They should enable the best parts (of their body and spirit) to develop; they should enable their breath to communicate with the outside world; and they should act as though they loved everything outside."

Until next time, Enjoy Yourselves!
With Love,
Sara Agelasto


The 5th Annual International Day of Yoga: In 2014, the United Nations designated June 21st as the International Day of Yoga to celebrate this ancient healing practice which is practiced by more than 36 million in the United States alone and more than 2 billion people worldwide!Take this opportunity to share your love for yoga with your local community. Share the benefits of the practice or offer more ways for more people to attend yoga classes. Our community in central Virginia will offer 4 free yoga classes on June 21 and June 22.

Post a photo of yourself engaged in sharing the practice of yoga with your community for international yoga day, tag the image #iHanuman and enter to win a free download on our site! We look forward to seeing you all in action!

Forward Bends for Summer:   As the weather heats up, so does our own tendency to overheat. Keep calm this summer with a cooling practice of forward bends. On June 22, we will practice this cooling sequence as part of our celebrations for the International Day of Yoga. Join us or use this sequence to inspire your own practice of forward bends. Enjoy sequences like these in our Asana Index. Or Join our free community and share sequences of your own! Try it Now!

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