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How I Made It Through Mother's Day

Florence Ferebee Pope, Pilot

I made it through another Mother’s Day, but this year was different.  I have been inspired by women around the world who are sharing about their struggles with Mother’s Day; mothers who have lost children, women who have lost mothers and women who are not able to be mothers. Mother’s day has always been difficult for me, since I lost my mother, tragically, 28 years ago, just months before my thirteenth birthday. Once I recovered from the shock of the loss, which actually took about 5 years, I finally started to grieve. That grief, for me, has taken the better part of the last two decades. Thankfully, however, for about the last ten years, I have been deeply committed to healing that pain.

Those first 10 years, I could not see my way through the sadness. The past 10 years I have tried to find a sense of celebration for my mother and truly how much she accomplished in her short 42 years. She graduated from college with a Bachelor’s of Science (like me!) in Biology. She married my super-awesome dad and worked in the Smithsonian’s Butterfly Conservatory, while he attended Business School. She traveled with my father to the Philippines and taught school children while he served in the Navy for two years. When she returned home, she became a Real Estate Agent and then had two beautiful daughters, all before she was 30!

At 40, my mother decided to train to become a pilot. And although this choice ultimately ended with her death at age 42, I have learned to applaud her for your courage and her inspiring sense of adventure.  And now as I turn my gaze towards motherhood, she remains a strong beacon of light and inspiration to me. Through this grieving, healing and celebrating process, I have learned what a miracle we all are; how unique we are. And my hope for all of us as we contemplate our mothers, motherhood and what it means to be a mother is that we act like mothers (and fathers); that we support and nourish one another. That we lift each other up and not tear each other down.

We are truly in this together and need to learn to love and trust one another again; to inspire each other. We are ALL miracles and this caring should not only extend to the human race but to all beings. Let’s take care of our home, like a mother (and father) does; lovingly tending to each and every space.  Do what you can and then think, how can I do more? How can I take care of more family, more friends, more children, more animals, more plants and more trees?

Volunteer at a shelter or community center. Donate to organizations that are working to care for our collective home, like the Natural Resources Defense Council or Conservation International. Find YOUR Cause. Become a Karma Yogi.

Everyone has difficulties, so what are you doing to help? And remember, you cannot take care of others, if your own house is not in order. What are you doing to take care of yourself today? How can you take care of yourself, like your mother did (or like you wish she did), so you can be of better service to others.

With a mother’s love,

Sara Agelasto

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