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iHanuman Newsletter April 2010

In looking for some inspiration for writing this newsletter, I did not have to do much more than walk outside. It is amazing how beautiful and wonderful the world is, especially in the springtime after a long cold winter. It was not that long ago when people depended on new shoots and leaves of spring as the first fresh food since at least the Winter Solstice. IMAGINE if you HAD TO wait until the middle of March to eat fresh greens!

I personally try to eat foods that are local and in season, but it always blows my mind how much we depend on new technologies like refrigeration which is VERY new in the whole universal scheme of things. I attended a workshop this past weekend where the speaker said that in the last 100 years we have gone from eating 10-15% processed foods to 90-100% in many instances!�Â�  And yet, we take for granted that we are presented with exactly the foods we need at exactly the right time. It is as if by some magnificent design!

So CELEBRATE SPRING and all it has to offer - the fresh food, the beautiful flowers, the spring air, the warm sun. And see if you can give some of this Grace back to those around you. Make everything you do an offering. In next's month's Featured Offering we share a discussion of the Bhagavad Gita, whose simple message is just that. Make everything an offering. Give everything without attachment to the outcome.

This month, we remain connected to our roots with an "Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Yoga" with Kate Hallahan. We also have contributions from a New iHanuman Yoga Teacher, Rachel Wallmuller, as well as regular contributors Erich Schiffmann, sharing pictures from India in the early 70's of Krishnamacharya and Desikachar and Bo Lozoff sharing his wisdom on spiritual practices.

This Winter we presented some information on some of our favorite backbends. This Spring stay tuned for posts on our favorite strengthening poses. Check out our Journal of Posts.

Stay tuned for more features, teachers, podcasts and downloads.

"Thank you for helping to build the bridge with iHanuman."

Sara Miles Pope Agelasto
Managing Editor and Co-Founder, iHanuman.com

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