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iHanuman Newsletter August 2009

Colorful TurbinsAhhh August! Summer begins to come to a close; a bittersweet feeling. But this also means the cool winds and vibrant colors of Fall are on their way.

iHanuman is busy upgrading our website to offer our teachers and students new web features and communication tools, We hope to roll out our new features next month, September, so please stay tuned.

Speaking of September, the National Institutes of Health decided to cancel Mind Body Yoga Week, but we look forward to hearing from YOU about what your community is preparing for our favorite month of the year, Yoga Month.

To help keep you occupied until then, we have added 40 of John Schumacher's Spring 2009 Live Classes including 2 of his 2009 Yoga Journal Conference Workshop sessions. John diligently recorded his classes for the last year and is offering them to his students around the world with great success. If you are interested in information about how to record your yoga classes and would like to make them available through iHanuman. Contact Us!

From Yoga Journal's August Issue:
"High Quality Yoga Podcasts are available through, iTunes, iHanuman, and Yoga Journal. "

Thank you all for your support over the last 3 years.
We would love to hear from you all so please comment on our features and let us know which teachers you would like to hear from. You can find us on Facebook, YouTube and subscribe to us in iTunes or your favorite RSS reader.

Stay in touch with us and we will keep you posted with our website progress.

Enjoy the remaining Days of Summer!
The iHanuman Family

"Thanks for helping to build the bridge with iHanuman."


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