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iHanuman Newsletter December 2009

BRRR! It sure is cold out. Winter has finally arrived and looks like it is here to stay.

Wintertime is a time when we are asked to be particularly smart and intelligent. Why? Because if you are not, you can freeze to death!

Now, thankfully, most of us are not likely in a position to freeze to death but we do run the risk of leaking heat into the cold outside and therefore losing precious energy. Our immune systems can be easily taxed so we must preserve our energy to sustain us through the cold months ahead. We are no longer graced by the bounty of the summer harvest, so we must dig into our root cellars and preserved foods to carry us through.

Luckily, we all have the gift of practicing yoga.
Did you know you can practice yoga anywhere? You may not always have the comfort of your yoga mat or your favorite teacher.

For those of us who work a steady 9 - 5 job, where we are often doing the same thing for long periods of time, we have several options to break up our day:

* Practice warming breathing techniques simply by closing the left nostril and breathing through the right nostril.

* Practice Urdhva Hastasana: Stand up or stay seated and raise both arms overhead to stimulate energy. Simply raising the arms overhead will heat the body.

* One of my favorite warming practices is Sirsasana, Head Balance. While you may not feel comfortable practicing Sirsasana in your cubicle, it is a great way to start the day. Head Balance is not only warming, but it brings circulation to the brain and invigorates the body after a cold night's sleep. If you are grappling with a question, Sirsasana turns everything on its head and gives a different perspective.

For a great introduction to Sirsasana, watch John Schumacher demonstrate the pose on our YouTube Channel. In fact, he demonstrates several Standing Poses which are all strengthening and warming poses for the body.

For more strengthening, John's Summer 2009 audio classes are available in our download store.

For gentle therapeutic practices, Try Lillah Schwartz's practices
Relief from Neck and Shoulder Pain And Freedom from Back Pain.

If you really want to get warm, join Chandra Om for her Maha Sadhana, Teacher Training and Immersions this Winter.

Sara Avant Stover for her Happy Woman's Retreat, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Now that's Hot!

Wherever you are this winter, rest assured that iHanuman is storing away our nuts for the winter in the form of warming yoga downloads.

Stay in touch, Stay Warm, and Stay Inspired.

Sara Miles Pope Agelasto
Managing Editor and Co-Founder, iHanuman.com

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