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iHanuman Newsletter January 2011 - Invoke Ganesh for Auspicious New Beginnings in the New Year

GaneshThe Solar New Year has returned again, not only ringing in a new year, but a new decade! It is a time most of us vow to rid ourselves of the excesses of the holidays in favor of resolutions for our highest expression of ourselves.

In yoga or the Hindu Tradition often associated with yoga, one would invoke the Elephant God, Ganesh. Ganesh is the God of Wisdom. He is the remover of obstacles and brings the confidence and strength needed to embark on a new endeavor. ( For a short lesson on how to chant a meditation in honor of the God Ganesh, watch this video from one of our favorite yogis, MC Yogi. )

And then be inspired by some classical Indian Tabla Music and Teachings with a free podcast for this months' feature.

Looking for a way to start the new year off right?

Join me for 90 days of yoga. Starting on the winter solstice and for the next 90 days until the Spring Equinox, we will be sharing with you some sequences, teachings and downloads to inspire your yoga practice into the new year.

Try iHanuman Yoga Teacher, John Schumacher's, Live Yoga Class recordings, from Fall 2010.

Join iHanuman with a Teacher Page for the New Year and share your experiences with our growing community of teachers and students.

What are some of the ways you will inspire and nourish your yoga practice in 2011?

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