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iHanuman Newsletter July 2008

Eagle PoseNamaste!

Our Yoga Community in Central Virginia holds an Annual Summer Yoga Immersion. This seems to be what the height of summer in July portends: Immersing yourself in something you love, like yoga, so you can come into your full bloom like a stunning sunflower. Harness the fire and heat of summer to express yourself to the fullest.

Just as you need the ignitive fire of backbends in the cool damp months of winter. Summer is the season where you desire the benefit of cooling poses like forward bends. Indulge yourself in all of your favorites like uttanasana (standing forward bend) and pascimottanasana (seated forward bend) and practice cooling breaths like sitali pranayam to cool you down this summer.

iHanuman is honored to offer you another way to stay cool this summer, Download our latest Features from the First Annual NIH Yoga Week and listen in your favorite shady spot! This week Alan Finger talks about ISHTA Yoga - the Integrated Sciences of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda. Upcoming Speakers from the event include John Schumacher, Dr. Leonard Cohen, and Dr. Timothy McCall.

Enjoy and Stay cool!
Thanks for Helping to Build the Bridge with iHanuman.
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