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iHanuman Newsletter May 2010

May is the month we celebrate our mothers. It may seem strange to make that a plural reference, but for someone who lost her birth mother just 2 months before turning 13, I have had to learn what it means to be a mother from a community of women; sisters, aunts, teachers, colleagues and girlfriends.

I also enjoy comfort and inspiration from archetypal women: Goddesses, like Sarasvati - the Hindu goddess of Wisdom, Music and Creativity; Healers, like Kuan Yin (pictured above) - the Boddhisattva of Compassion; Nurturers like Mother Earth; as well as Enlightened Spiritual Women like Mother Theresa.

Many women have been taken away from their traditional roles as nurturers and healers, but we need to reconnect with our feminine nature and embrace our innate power. Even The Dalai Lama acknowledged this when he exclaimed that Western women will heal the world. How empowering!

We urge you to embrace your own femininity and nurture this energy in the other women in your life, as well. We are honored to offer you some tools to foster your journey this month.

Our featured offering is a FREE Yin Yoga Class - Assist your own exploration through Yin Yoga Poses.

Consider joining or hosting a women's circle, iHanuman Yoga Teacher, Sara Avant Stover is hosting a Teleclass this month with Sabrina Chaw.

Our newest teacher, Candice Garrett has written a book on Prenatal Yoga.

I spent the weekend with Women's Yoga Teacher, Bobby Clennell. Look out for a future feature with her on Breast Health and Menopause.

Women are spiritual, creative, powerful and intuitive beings. Take some time this month to explore for yourself what that is all about. Share with us some of your experiences. We would love to hear from you.

"Thank you for helping to build the bridge with iHanuman."

Sara Miles Pope Agelasto
Managing Editor and Co-Founder, iHanuman.com


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