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iHanuman Newsletter October 2010 : Honor Your Ancestors and Teachers

, we were taught how to lead a ceremony. This particular ceremony's intention was to let go of grief from this past year; this could be the loss of a loved one, a job, or anything else which you chose to let go. Three days later on the autumnal equinox our cat died and I found myself holding ceremony for 24 hours which concluded with a full moon circle.

We mentioned last month that this 6th season is an auspicious one. It is the time of year that it is appropriate to give death to that which no longer serves you in preparation for the journey into the dark night of winter. It is a time to celebrate the Dead, Our Ancestors and our lineage of teachers. Halloween and All Souls Day celebrate the time when the veils between the worlds are the thinnest. One of my teachers, Mother Maya, offers us a way to honor our ancestors below.

Our feature this month recognizes one of my teachers, Pierce Salguero, who honors deeply the lineage of the Traditional Thai Massage Tradition. We are offering his Free Advanced Thai Massage Theory Course in honor of the first ever Lineage Holding Thai Massage School outside of Thailand!

This month we ask you to be with and truly grieve for your losses, then let them go and celebrate the past. Celebrate your teachers, your teacher's teachers and your ancestors, whether they be animal, vegetable or mineral before moving into hibernation where deep introspection leads to the seeds of the spring.

Let us know how you celebrate this auspicious season.
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New Feature: Introducing Dr. Pierce Salguero. Free Advanced Thai Massage Theory Course Download!

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Practice: Honor Your Ancestors

Traditionally, in the Hindu calendar, each year during the dark fortnight and starting at the autumnal full moon (September - October) comes 15 days of premium time for honoring and nourishing the ancestors; this powerful ahimsa-practice for the ancestors is followed by nine days of celebrating the Divine Mother.

Mantra for Healing Ancestral Memories
Facing Southward direction, sit in a comfortable posture and recite the following mantra 108 times.

Om Namo Vah Pitris Saumyah

Pronunciation: (Oom Nah-mow Vaff Pete-riss Saum-yaha)

Keep in mind your ancestors and the faces and/or names of anyone of them that calls to you. (Use a Japa-mala (prayers beads with 108 beads, or a rosary) to maintain the mantra count). Learn More About Mother Maya and the Living Ahimsa Tour...

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