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January 2021: Silence, Contentment & The New Year

We just passed through the first New Moon of the New Year. New Moons are always potent times to set intentions, but particularly the first New Moon of the New Year. This past year felt particularly destabilizing and I have absolutely cherished my yoga practice, as it keeps me steady, clear and grounded in the present. I pay fairly close attention to what is going on around me, but as a yoga practitioner, one of the disciplines of the practice is to not get pulled into the drama - the ups and downs of everyday human existence.

THIS is exactly why we practice yoga - "to cease the fluctuations of the consciousness" so that "the seer can dwell in his own true splendor." (Iyengar, BKS, Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali) This does not mean that we must go sit on the mountain top far away from the fray, but it does mean that from this place of stillness, we can act with a clear consciousness. During this time of year - the Winter, January, the New Moon are all potent times to center oneself for the work ahead. This is our short period of rest before the activity of spring and summer are truly upon us. 

Practice sitting in silence while the Earth is still. Take your time to get quiet. Turn off all of your devices. Go outside. Either sit in silence or if it’s too cold to sit still, walk.  Being outside in nature will ground you.

As it is the beginning of the year, we are sharing some Beginner Yoga Classes to help you start or restart your yoga practice, as well as, a class dedicated completely to Savasana, Corpse Pose, to help you connect to the quiet. 

Stay Grounded. Stay Centered. Stay Well. 
With Love and Hope for a New Year, 
Sara Agelasto

Introduction to Asana with Lois Steinberg: This course covers the basic principles and foundation postures of Iyengar Yoga, as is recommended for students who: are new to yoga, returning after some time away, and coming from other traditions/styles of yoga practice. This course is 12 weeks of Iyengar Yoga Instruction. Listen to Samples and Download Lois' course now. 

A Basic Daily Routine with John Schumacher: Hatha Yoga involves using physical postures and breath as a vehicle for creating harmony and self-awareness. A healthy, balanced body is the handmaiden of a keen and tranquil mind.
Iyengar Yoga is a particular approach to Hatha Yoga, which emphasizes precise alignment, a balance between strength and flexibilty, and continually deeper awareness of the subtleties of posture, breath, mind, and spirit. This audio class includes two 30 minute audio classes. Listen to Samples and Download John's Classes.

Connect to The Quiet with Jan Barrett, M.S: Savasana, corpse pose, is an invitation for each area of the body to experience the relaxation response, from periphery to core, and from core to periphery. Enjoy CIYT, Jan Barrett's, audio recording practice of Savasana. Listen to a sample and Download Connect to the Quiet.

Backbend Sequence for the Water Energy of Winter: Inspired by the desire to nourish the kidney meridian which flows through the center of the body including the center line of the legs as well as the Urinary Bladder meridian which flows down the entire back of the body.  View the Sequence in our Asana Index Now! Or Contribute Your Own Sequence by Joining iHanuman. 

Latest Asana Image: Karnapidasana: In this pose, both the ears are pressed by the bent legs. The outside noise is shut off which encourages one to turn inwards. Visit Our Asana Index to Learn More.

Silence: “The person who really experiences the Truth will be more silent than others. Silence is the edge of the experience. To be humble, to be as quiet and silent as possible, is a sign of great wisdom. Wise people don’t speak much. Just a few words here and there is enough. They don’t need to say more than that. People learn just by seeing them and by sitting in their presence.”- Sri Swami Satchidananda

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