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July 2021: Practice Passion, Compassion & Joy this Summer

Photo Credit: Oksana Taran

Summer is in full swing! And not only is it hot (and humid), but everyone’s routines have shifted. We are the stewards of a 10-acre farm in central Virginia, so we are outside as much as possible, planting and harvesting fruit, flowers and herbal medicine. The change in seasons affects different people differently. Some people enjoy heat more than others. You will find me under shade and out of the sun between 10 - 2pm, but my husband LOVES doing work outside during the heat of the day. Summertime is an opportunity to pay attention to the heat and what affect it has on you. 

One way we see heat is inflammation in the body. Inflammation manifests as redness, heat and pain. Summer is great time to evaluate your intake of inflammatory foods - like sugar, processed foods or rancid oils.  Nature gives us foods in the summertime to counterbalance the heat. We just harvested sour cherries - well known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Other berries like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are rich in anti-oxidants and should be eaten and preserved during their natural growing season. 

The emotions of summer are passion and compassion. Summer is the time of year to get out of your routine and be spontaneous! To try something new and have fun! Engage in activities that bring you joy and with people who you LOVE! If this is difficult for you, immerse yourself in helping others. Find your passion through having compassion for others. Repeat this Loving Kindness Meditation every day for a week and notice the effects.

With Love and Compassion, 

Sara Agelasto
CIYT, C-IAYT, Clinical Herbalist

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