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The Karma Collection: Benefiting You, Your Practice, and the World

The Karma CollectioniHanuman is pleased to announce the release of the Karma Collection, a special collection of recordings available for purchase from iHanuman's Yoga Digital Download Store that directly benefit charities around the world. The recordings range from live yoga classes in a variety of styles to retellings of sacred stories, but what they all have in common is that the teachers have generously agreed to donate all of their proceeds to the charity/non-profit of their choice. iHanuman's contribution was to record the products for free, using professional equipment from their sister-company, Monkeyclaus Recording Studio. Tibetan Children's Education Foundation

Through the download of products from the Karma Collection, customers, participating teachers, and iHanuman, are all able to directly support the work of such respected organizations as Conservation International, Seva Foundation, and Project Hope, in addressing important social, environmental, and health-related issues.

You can help us grow the collection and increase the impact from the resulting contributions by asking your favorite teacher to participate!

"The Karma Collection: Benefiting you, your practice, and the world."

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