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Late Summer 2015: Settling Back Down to Earth

In the last few days of the Earth Element of late summer, it feels appropriate for me to share with you how I have been grounding myself in the practice and teaching of Yoga. We started this platform 8 year ago, as yoga teachers wanting to create an avenue to share the teachings of yoga. And for the past 3.5 years now, I have been in an intensive training program to teach Iyengar Yoga. This self-directed program included apprenticing with a Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher ( 3 hours from home ) every other week, meeting monthly with other Teachers in Training, regular weekly yoga classes and my own daily yoga practice! Throughout this period of time ( as you all may know) we ALSO redeveloped, redesigned and launched version 3.0 of our beloved iHanuman Yoga Media Site! I am humbled and honored to tell you that, during US National Yoga Month (and my own personal birth month), and with the support and dedication of my teachers, I successfully passed the second of two assessments required to teach Iyengar Yoga! AND after this incredibly challenging and rewarding experience, I have only a renewed and reinvigorated respect for the study and practice of yoga. I look forward to bringing even more energy to our global community here on iHanuman. We still have time to share the last moments of the steamy Earth element. So before we turn completely to Fall, enjoy some Earthy inspiration in our monthly newsletter.

With Lots of Love and Deep Respect,
Sara Miles Pope Agelasto
Co-Founder, iHanuman

Latest Asana Image: Bharadvajasana II Iyengar Yoga Teacher and iHanuman Co- Founder, last month, hours after passing her Iyengar Yoga Assessment in Bharadvajasana II ! Check out more photos of HUNDREDS of other Teachers and Students in our Yogi-Sourced Asana Index! Help Build the Ultimate Asana Index! Create a FREE Account and Contribute Your Photos to our Yogi-Sourced Encyclopedia of Yoga.

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Prayer for the Earth:We are Nourished by Our Mother Earth from whom all life springs. We must understand her dependence and protect her with our love, respect and ceremonies. The faces of our future generations are looking up to us from the earth, and we step with great care not to disturb our grandchildren. We are part of the great cycle of life with four seasons and endless renewal as long as we abide by this absolute law. When we disturb this cycle by interfering with elements, changing or destroying species of life, the effects may be immediate or may fall upon our children who will suffer and pay for our ignorance and greed." - The Traditional Circle of Elders, Navajo-Hopi Joint Council, 1982 Letter to the United Nations General Assembly

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