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March 2015: It's Officially Spring! Plant Your Seeds for the New Year!

Four Leaf Clover

Happy Spring!

The spring equinox has landed upon us with a Bang! This spring heralded in A New Super Moon in Pisces and a Total Solar Eclipse! The spring season can be somewhat turbulent with the winds and the rain. Springtime is characterized by the energy of new growth, like the Wood Element of this season. We are asked to be flexible, yet strong as we forge our way back out into the world after the cold winter of hibernation.

The spring governs the Liver and the Gall Bladder making it a great time to detoxify and support our digestive system. The wood element in our physical bodies governs our muscles, ligaments and tendons. Both of these qualities make spring an ideal time to reinvigorate our yoga practice to support our digestive systems and nourish our musculoskeletal system.

The Liver and Gall Bladder also govern our ability to plan and make decisions. All of the energy of the newness of spring's arrival is well channelled by making clear plans, visions and goals for the months to come. We have spent the winter visioning and recuperating. Now is the time to put some clear plans into action. So excited to experience what's next!

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Spring: The Wood Element: The Liver & Gallbladder
Green is the color associated with the East, with Wood, and with the Spring. How startling the vibrant new greens of Spring are, after the drab grays of Winter! This color certainly signifies something come alive, something new and innocent. We say that someone is 'still green' or a 'greenhorn' to indicate inexperience or naivete. The Chinese characters for 'green' plus 'years' mean 'adolescent.' The fresh, new shoots of Spring are often fragile, in spite of their vivid green color. The impulse to grow in them is so strong that it makes up for their vulnerability. We are most like Wood when we have that power combined with that flexibility. - Janice MacKenzie, Discovering the Five Elements

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