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May 2022: Get Back Into Your Routine with a New Live Class!

John Schumacher in Virabhadrasana I

Last month may have been the first month since we started iHanuman (15 years ago!) that we did not send out a newsletter and I realized it was probably time that we let you all know about some things we have been up to. We have all been transforming through this period of time, we have to! And we have all had difficult circumstances to navigate. I have shared about some difficult family circumstances that I have endured which is requiring me to show up in different ways for my family and my community. This impacted me so much that I took a sabbatical from teaching this winter for the first time since I started teaching 20 years ago! I needed some time to regain my mental and physical strength in order to show up fully for my students. I am excited to announce that I am starting a new live-online class this summer! (Read More Below) 

Despite a lot of challenges, I also decided to reach for a goal that has been on my list for many years now. And I am excited to tell you all that I am about halfway through a three year masters degree program in Clinical Nutrition! I have always viewed this as a complement to the work I do as a yoga therapist and clinical herbalist. I look forward to adding this modality to the information we share on health and wellness on iHanuman. I hope you all will appreciate this addition to the wealth of information available on our site. 

Additionally, we recently undertook a much needed upgrade to our platform in April and we hope you will notice some of the improvements on iHanuman. We also continue to build our social media presence on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, so if you are on those platforms, we would love your support, as well as would appreciate you sharing us with your friends and followers. We can only do this work with your help and we hope you will continue to stay in touch and let us know what you like and what you hope we improve upon. We LOVE to hear from you. Stay tuned for more updates!

New Live Class Starting This Summer! Start your week off on the right foot this summer with a Level I-II Iyengar Yoga Class. Mondays 9:30am - 10:45am EST. 75 minutes of strength, flexibility & relaxation to start your week off centered, grounded & balanced. Visit YogaCville to Register! This experienced beginners class, assumes some familiarity with Iyengar Yoga. If you want a refresher or are new to yoga, try the FREE Introduction to Iyengar Yoga Class Series referenced in below & Join Us!

FREE Introduction to Iyengar Yoga Class Series: We recorded an Introduction to Iyengar Yoga class series which we hope will be the launching pad for your yoga practice. After 6 weeks, you will feel confident joining any Level 1 yoga class or can continue your practice on your own.  This series is offered with love for FREE. Visit Our YouTube Channel to View the Entire Series and practice at your own pace. If you enjoy the series, please like, share and comment on the videos to let us know what you think! Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel for More Free Videos from our Community Of Experienced  International Teachers. 

Introduction to Asana with Lois Steinberg, PhD.This class covers the basic principles and foundational postures of Iyengar Yoga and is recommended for students who: are new to yoga, returning after some time away, and coming from other traditions/styles of yoga practice.  This audio download includes Lois' entire Introductory Session of Classes! Try Lois' Introduction to Asana today!

A Basic Daily Routine with John Schumacher: This 60-minute, 2-part audio yoga practice is led by John Schumacher, a certified senior Iyengar yoga teacher who studied under both yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar and acclaimed teacher Dona Holleman. Here John offers a yoga routine which centers around a series of fundamental yoga postures. In accordance with the Iyengar tradition, John places a strong emphasis on precise alignment in each pose. John has dozens of  beginner, intermediate and advanced classes available on iHanuman. Listen to samples and practice with John today! 

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