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New Year's Resolutions and Why They Do Not Always Work

Tim Miller in Padmasana Photo Credit: Michelle Haymoz

We hope you survived the New Years Celebrations relatively unscathed? So what have you learned? Not just from the holidays but from the lessons of the past year. Wintertime, the essential time of annual hibernation, is upon us and despite how our LED-powered world removes the enforcement of winter rest, we really are better served to heed her call. 

The Nei Jing, the ancient Chinese Medical Text, says that “The North is the region of storing and laying by.”  The extreme cold and long winters in Northern China dictated that people of the North needed to store up as much food as possible to last until Spring. This storing is on many levels: Water is stored up in the earth; animals and people gather food to last the Winter; and your body stores energy, by craving solid hearty warm foods, to be called upon to fuel the new growth in the Spring. 

We spend January reflecting, organizing, and planning. What’s working? What’s not? This is why NY’s Resolutions may not always work.  If you do not take the time to take stock, how can you expect to make informed decisions about what you want and where you are going? 

One of the ways my husband and I celebrate this intention is to commit to a cleanse every January. No matter how healthy my eating, drinking and thinking are, there is inevitably something to clean up. Once I get through the initial detox period (headaches, fatigue, crankiness) a cleanse always helps me to clear my head and sets me straight for the New Year ahead. 

I have been doing some variation of a cleanse in January since I experienced my first one 20 years ago. For the last three Januarys, my husband and I have eliminated inflammatory foods. I have discovered many food irritants over the years and while I am not “allergic” to them, I feel best when I eliminate wheat, soy, corn, dairy, additives and sugar. Eliminating these foods is how I aspire to eat, so this is part of how I recommit to what I want every year. 

What kind of elimination diet are you on this year? What are you removing from your diet, lifestyle, work environment or home environment? 

While you contemplate and rest, we have hundreds of hours of inspirational talks, classes and interviews with devoted teachers from around the world.

We hope you stay committed to eliminating all that no longer serves you so you can move into this new year with health, vitality, and serenity.

With Peace,
Sara Agelasto

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