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New Yoga Video Coming Soon: Kino MacGregor "A Journey, A Workshop"

We are pleased to announce that Kino MacGregor will sell her first yoga video, " A Journey, A Workshop" with iHanuman.

From her website: "In this two part DVD certified Ashtanga yoga instructor Kino MacGregor makes the mastery of strength available for everybody. All levels from beginner to advanced will benefit from learning the techniques presented here. Easily applicable to all yoga practitioners, the explanation given will greatly improve your ability to understand and actually do some of yoga's most challenging strength-based postures.

The first portion of the DVD gives background information on Kino and her yoga shala, Miami Life Center, as well as a yoga demonstration of advanced postures that is an inspiration to all. The second portion captures the essence of one of her live workshops presenting the fundamentals of strength, stability and power in a clear and down to earth format. Both sections deliver unique yoga instructions in a compelling narrative structure, complete with spiritual insight and heartfelt wisdom. "

Watch the Trailer on Youtube and keep an eye out for the Yoga Video Download in October!


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