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November 2014: Embrace the Autumn with Yoga and Pranayama Practices

Autumn has Austerely Arrived! 

The temperatures have fluctuated up and down but the cold winds of the north are definitely blowing in now. The characteristics of this change of season are cold, dry, erratic, like the wind. It is common for people to be caught off guard by a gust of wind that invades external defenses and blows a cold right through us. Traditional practices teach us to cover the head and the neck (both front and back) during this time of year to protect from the erratic elements of Fall.

Autumn is the time of the Lungs and Large Intestine in Traditional Chinese Medicine, so we eat cleansing whole foods in season to support our colon and overall digestive system. Food choices are a little more sparse now but include hearty and grounding sweet root vegetables and pumpkins. We also practice deep restorative breathing techniques to cleanse and tone the lungs and clear their associated emotion, Grief. 

Energetically we can feel overwhelmed and subsequently exhausted during this time of year. More than ever, autumn is a time to slow down and ground. Autumn is a time to harvest the fruits of our labor. But this season is also a time to simplify. Gentle activities like walking or sitting in nature are crucial now as well as taking the time to remove clutter and baggage from our lives. Ask yourself, "What can I let go of, for now?"

Supportive restorative yoga practices provide much-needed rest and centering, particularly before the holiday season sets upon us. Enjoy some of our recommendations including the FREE primer on the Autumn Metal Element with Cora Wen. If you are looking to augment your pranayama or breath practices, Senior Iyengar Teacher, John Schumacher, offers Beginner to Advanced Pranayama recordings in our download store. Iyengar Teacher, Jan Barrett, shares a teaching on How to Practice Savasana, Corpse Pose - the ultimate restorative pose. 

Our new website provides more and more teachers and students with the teachings of yoga. We hope you will take the time to check out some of these new FeaturesTeachersStudios and Downloads. Use some of your downtime this fall and winter to Explore and Enjoy!

Latest Feature: Interview and Universal Yoga Class with Andrey Lappa!

Our Latest iHanuman Feature: Watch an Interview with the Founder of Universal Yoga, Andrey Lappa, and one of his Senior Students, Mara Healy. Learn More About Universal Yoga and then practice with a FREE Full Length - Three Hour Class with Andrey, Mara and the Universal Yoga Community in Charlotte, NC. Enjoy!

Cora Wen - The Metal Element & Fall Workshop Recording

Live from Flow Yoga Leesburg: California Girl, Cora Wen, flew into this radical change of season one autumn weekend and shared with us about the Metal Element of her Traditional Chinese Philosophical Roots. Explore grounding practices for Shoulders, Hips and Restoratives. Purchase the entire weekend workshop or individual sessions on Shoulders & Hips, Shoulders & Backbends, and Restoratives. Watch Samples and Download Now!

Cora Wen on The Metal Element of Fall

Live from Flow Yoga Leesburg : Cora Wen shares her knowledge of the Metal Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This workshop started out hot and humid and ended up cold and freezing rain, typical of a late fall weekend in northern Virginia and exemplary of the shifting nature of the Metal Element. Watch a FREE Video of Cora Wen interpreting the Metal Element of Autumn.

Support Your Pranayama Practice with Senior Teacher, John Schumacher

If you are looking for a way to support your pranayama practice: John Shumacher's foundational recording,Pranayama: Preparations and Beginnings is an excellent tool to supplement your pranayama practice with a competent teacher in your area. If you are already practicing pranayama and wish to take your practice deeper, try one of John's,Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Pranayama RecordingsListen to Samples and Download Now!

New Download: Connect to the Quiet, Savasana - Corpse Pose

Ground into Autumn with Corpse Pose: Illinois Iyengar Teacher offers us the ultimate in relaxation by giving in-depth guidance and instruction into one of the most challenging, yet seemingly simple, poses in yoga - Savasana - Corpse Pose. Listen to a Sample and Download this Recording Now!

Latest Teacher: Yoga For Scoliosis Expert,  Elise Miller, MA

We are Overjoyed to Welcome our Latest Teacher:  Elise Miller is a renowned Senior Iyengar Teacher and Founding Director of the California Yoga Center.  Elise is also an expert in the practice and teaching of Yoga for Scoliosis, as well as, a member of the faculty of the Iyengar Institute of San Franscisco. Look for Elise Miller's Yoga for Scoliosis Video, Intermediate Yoga in Fiji and the NEW Yoga for Scoliosis Teacher Training in Our Download Store!  Warmest of Welcomes, Elise!

Latest Studio: Yoga Shala Lubbock

Yoga Shala Lubbock invites you to: Join a community of mindful yoga practitioners who recognize that one of life’s greatest fulfillments (puranam) is attained through sharing with others in community (sangha). Classes honor each individual’s unique journey through a synergy of yoga traditions.Visit Yoga Shala Lubbock's New Studio Page Now! 
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