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October 2012: All Hallows' Eve and the Day of the Dead


Samhain (pronounced Sow Wen) is the Celtic word for Summer's end. And indeed the shift from any hope for more warm weather has settled upon us. We can all feel the change that swept through the air these past several days, reminding us who is really in charge. Tonight we don our masks and costumes to protect us from evil spirits that might be lurking about as it is said that the veils between worlds are thinnest this time of year. Many traditions choose to honor their ancestors and those that have passed during this vulnerable time.

With love and prayers to our friends and family, near and far, in this world and the next, We ask for your guidance as we navigate the unclear waters of our very near future. Help keep us safe and protected and give us strength as we move into the dark winter. May we continue our own spiritual practices that help keep us grounded and clear to make the difficult decisions that may lie ahead.

iHanuman Supports Local Non Profit, Common Ground Healing Arts! We LOVE being of Service and this past month we were able to help a non-profit health organization by creating a video for their Capital Campaign. Common Ground is a Healing Center offering health and wellness on a sliding scale, making wellness services available to all. Learn more and Watch the Video Now!

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Accepting Submissions to the Asana Index! We are building the Original Asana Index and we want your submissions. We are requesting asana images of all shapes and sizes. Please submit your favorite poses and help us build out the index. This Bakasana or Crow Pose comes from YogiToes Inc. We thought it a little bit eery in honor of All Hallow's Eve. Send your submissions to newsletter@ihanuman.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

In Peace.

Sara Agelasto

Managing Editor, iHanuman

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