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October 2014: In Memoriam of Mr. BKS Iyengar, The New iHanuman Site is Live!

In Memoriam BKS Iyengar

After many moons developing, building and testing the New iHanuman Yoga Media Platform, we are more than ecstatic to announce that iHanuman has evolved into its third incarnation. We so appreciate your patience and support during this huge renovation. 

We officially launched the site on August 18 at 1:08am and were overcome by the loss of one of our greatest influences and inspirations,  Mr. BKS Iyengar, only 36 hours later. We observed the traditional 13 days of mourning, followed by the 9 day celebrations marking Ganesh's birthday (and my own ;) ) and believe that we launched the site at absolutely the most perfect moment. After a few weeks of testing with the Live Site, we are now officially launching the new site to our beloved community!

There are so many new features that it is hard to know where to begin! We will send information about the new features as we move through the next few few months. For now, visit the site and log in with your iHanuman Account or Create a Free Account!

Apply to become an iHanuman Yoga Teacher. See that your favorite Yoga Studio is listed in our Yoga Studio Directory and Add Your Yoga Classes to Our Global Class Calendar! Visit Our Download Store for incredible new classes with dozens of new teachers! We built this site for you! Get involved and help make this a global community-supported resource dedicated to the practice and teachings of yoga! 

Remember that since this site is new, there may be things you see which we can do better or to make your experience easier, please contact us and let us know what they are! We LOVE to hear from you! Stay Tuned!

Thank you for your continued support!
With Boundless Gratitude!
Sara Miles Pope Agelasto
Love. Service. Devotion. Yoga.

Latest Feature: Interview and Universal Yoga Class with Andrey Lappa!

Our Latest iHanuman Feature: Watch an Interview with the Founder of Universal Yoga, Andrey Lappa, and one of his Senior Students, Mara Healy. Learn More About Universal Yoga and then practice with a FREE Full Length - Three Hour Class with Andrey, Mara and the Universal Yoga Community in Charlotte, NC. Enjoy!

Welcome to Our Latest Teacher: Kofi Busia!

Kofi Busia is one of the world's foremost teachers in the Iyengar tradition. He has been teaching for nearly 40 years, and has held his Advanced Certificate for 35 years. He has taught, and is recognized, all over the world. Kofi created a Karma Collection Asana Class from a recent workshop in Central Virginia. Listen to a Sample and Download the Class Now! 

New Download: Eoin Finn: Yoga, Mysticism and the Nervous System!

This 2 hour vinyasa class followed a lecture on Yoga, Mysticism and the Nervous System. Eoin warms you up quickly with a strong standing and hip opening sequence. Pure Bliss. Enjoy! This class is part of the iHanuman Karma Collection Series. The beneficiary of the sale of this class is the Surfrider Foundation. The right to beach access, a right that is guaranteed under law for all California residents and visitors, is constantly being challenged by private property owners and developers who lock up slices of the coast for themselves. Surfrider is the largest non-profit organization dedicated to protecting your right to beach access. Watch a Sample and Download this Class Now!

New Workshop with Ashtanga Yogi David Garrigues

Recorded Live at Ashtanga Yoga Charlottesville, David took us through a weekend of chants, pranayama and challenging Ashtanga Yoga practices. Watch samples and Download the Workshop Videos Now!

So Many New Classes and New Features!

We will highlight all of our latest classes and features in upcoming issues: There are too many to share them all in one newsletter, but check out the latest studios in the Studio Directory, the new classes in the Download Store and the new Asana Index! There are so many new ways to get involved! We are so excited to share the news! Stay Tuned for More Updates! 

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