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October 2020: Grief as Praise

John Schumacher in Seated Pranayama

"Grief, expressed out loud, whether in or out of character, unchoreographed and honest, for someone we have lost, or a country or home we have lost, is in itself the greatest praise we could ever give them. Grief is praise, because it is the natural way love honors what it misses.” - Martin Prectel

We lost our 18 year old kitty cat, Deva, on the Autumnal Equinox. It has been a difficult few weeks on top of everything else. This quote, shared with me by one of my teachers, helped me mourn the loss of my sweet angel who has accompanied me, for most of my adult life, in the home we have made in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I see Deva everywhere, in all of her favorite spots.  This was her home and we are grateful for the long life she spent with us here and that we were with her as she inhaled her last breaths. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Autumn is the time of the Metal Element. This element is represented by the energies of the Lungs & Large Intestines. To maintain health & vitality, it is essential for this element to shine, from the inside out. Cleansing fasts of the Autumn and practices to clean & clear the lungs & large intestine prepare the way for the coming cold & dampness of the winter months. 

In TCM,  the emotion of grief is processed by the lungs. Many cultures honor the ritual of allowing communities and individuals to fully grieve, so that illness does not settle in, especially in the lungs.

Our yoga practice asks us to participate in the daily practice of, not only, saucha - cleanliness, but pranayama - the inhalation, exhalation and retention of the breath. Physiologically, we know that pranayama brings oxygen into the blood via the lungs. The practice of pranayama also has a direct impact on the nervous system - calming the body & the brain which is imperative during times of grief & stress. 

All of us are grieving something, whether it is the loss of a loved one, a job, a home, or the way things were. Autumn is a supportive time to process that grief. 

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Enjoy more free resources below to help you support your Lungs & Respiratory System, especially during this critical time of year.  

With Love & Conscious Breaths,
Sara Agelasto


Covid-19 Recovery: A Suggested Yoga ProgrammeThe IY(UK) Therapy Committee has created a video and compiled a booklet with a suggested yoga program to support recovery from Covid-19. The aim of this yoga program is to play some role in aiding the process of recovery. By only requiring the use of mostly basic props and furniture, we have tried to make the poses as accessible as possible for everyone. View the Suggested Yoga Program Now. 

Iyengar Yoga Sequence for the Respiratory SystemThe following sequence maintains a healthy respiratory system. It may also be practiced when the respiratory system is compromised due, for example, to the Covid-19 virus. If the symptoms are severe, practitioners should avoid the poses indicated. The order of the poses is not written in stone and can be varied and/or the sequence can be truncated. View the Respiratory Sequence Now.

October is Breast Health Awareness Month: Advanced Iyengar Yoga Teacher and Women's Yoga Expert, Bobby Clennell, has several classes available for download on Women's Health. Bobby is teaching a series on Yoga for Breast Health Live this Month. Visit Iyengar Yoga Therapeutics to Learn More and Register. 

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