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Overcoming Challenges, Clarity and Streamlining in the New Year


It has been a little while since you have received an email from us. If we are being totally honest, this past year was a particularly challenging one on a number of different levels, personal and professional. I remember reading and sharing about last year being the Year of the Fire Rooster, in Chinese Astrology. What I read, indicated that Rooster years are about doing the constant disciplined day to day work. I certainly found this to be true this last year. It was a year of keeping my nose to the ground, putting one foot in front of the other and doing the work. Have any of you found this to be true? 

What happened this past year? I started a new small yoga business offering yoga for special events. My local community of herbalists also started a non profit organization to provide herbal support for the Central Virginia area. I have been rehabilitating an old sacro-iliac AND a shoulder injury which changed my yoga practice and teaching. This was in addition to an already full life. We continue to build iHanuman through creating and adding new content with our incredible teachers. Through the challenges, I realize how truly fortunate and grateful I am and hope to continue to grow personally and professionally. And we hope that you, our community, will continue to support and guide us. 

We are excited about streamlining and refining the iHanuman website this year and hope you all will give us your feedback. What's working? What would you like for us to improve? What would you like to see more of? What can we do better? Please feel free to contact us anytime and let us know what will help you, as teachers and students. We love to hear from you!

We will be in better touch in the coming months with more updates. In the meantime, enjoy some of our latest content below. 

With infinite gratitude,
Sara Agelasto



New Workshop Recordings with Senior Teacher, Kofi Busia:

We are pleased to Release a Weekend Workshop with Kofi Busia: Recorded Live at Common Ground Healing Arts in Charlottesville, Virginia, these recordings include 15 hours of Asana, Pranayama and Chanting! As with all of Kofi's recordings over 50% of the sales of the workshop will go to support Common Ground and help provide access to traditional healthcare to all.  Listen to samples and download Kofi's recordings Now!

New Live Yoga Classes with Senior Teacher,  John Schumacher:

Listen to weekly recorded live yoga classes with Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher. More previously unreleased recorded Levels II, II-III, III and Pranayama classes are available now. Listen to Samples and Download John's current collection of classes Now! 

iHanuman Mentioned in Iyengar National Association of the United States Publication!

We are honored to be mentioned in the Iyengar Yoga National Association of U.S.(IYNAUS) publication, Yoga Samachar, by Iyengar Yoga Teacher and iHanuman Yoga Teacher, Heather Haxo Phillips.  We are happy to help share and distribute the teachings of Yoga worldwide through new technology. We would love to hear more ways that you are using technology to share your yoga practice and teachings. And we are here to help support you! Read a copy of the article and let us know your experience!

New Yoga for Arthritis Recordings and More Coming Soon!

We spent a week this past year recording Dr. Steffany Moonaz's, Yoga for Arthritis Level I Teacher Training Intensive. We are SO excited to share some clips from the week with you! We continue to work on the powerpoint presentations from the workshop. In the meantime, enjoy some of the clips from the class recordings.  Stay tuned for more recordings from this informative week-long intensive in our next newsletter! 

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Latest Asana Image: Purvottanasana

Sara Agelasto is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor. Purvottanasana is an Intense Stretch of the East Side of the Body. An intermediate backbend, this pose exposes the entire anterior body to the light. Backbends give us strength, courage and self-confidence to face our fears. We would love to see YOUR Asana. Create a Free Account and Contribute to the Asana Index today.

Latest Yoga Teacher: Daniel Weidenbusch 

Daniel is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor who lives in Freiburg, Germany. Read More About Daniel. Interested in Becoming an iHanuman Yoga Teacher? Create a Free Account Now!

Latest Yoga Studio: The Yoga Institute of Broward

The Yoga Institute of Broward is one of South Florida's premier authentic Iyengar Yoga studios. They offer safe, expert yoga instruction for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Our classes are tailored to your specific needs and abilities, including any physical limitations you may have. Learn More About the Yoga Institute of Broward Now! Would you like to advertise your studio? Create a Free Account and Add Your Studio on iHanuman Now!

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