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Practice Love & Self-Love! Love Yourself with 20% OFF ALL Downloads Now until the end of February!

Practice Love and Self-Love

Finally, in February, we welcome the return of the light with Candlemas on Feb 1 - the midway point between the Winter Solstice & the Spring Equinox. You may have noticed an increase in energy as the days become lighter and lighter. Hopefully, you have spent some time in reflection and are starting to feel the call to begin to plant seeds to grow your vision for the New Year. And it's ok to move slowly, like the Groundhog, and return to your Winter's nest for a few more weeks.

February is a great time to get organized and make plans, but it is also a time to continue to nourish the water element and try to "go with the flow". One area of the body you can concentrate on during this time are your Kidneys and Urinary System, the physical areas governed by the Water Element. We have shared previously about Back-Bending Practices and Foods to Nourish the Kidneys.

Since this is also the month associated with Love, we want to encourage you to spend some extra time loving yourself this month. One way we will continue to foster this self-love is through your yoga practice. And we would like to offer some recommendations for practices to heal your heart below as well as a Discount from Today Through the end of February. Enjoy 20% off ALL Downloads in Our Store! Use Coupon Code LOVE20 at Checkout.

Recent Study on Yoga for Mental Health: A recent study from researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine, New York Medical College, and Harvard University and Columbia University Irving Medical Center, finds that people who are assigned to take high or low “doses” of yoga that includes breath exercises have improved mental health at the end of three months. The study was published in November in the Journal of Psychiatric Practice. We post lots of relevant studies and share good news and up to date information on Yoga on Our Social Media Accounts. Follow Us On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

How Our Attitudes Towards Others Can Effect Our Clarity of Mind In this free Quarterly Discussion recorded Live at Unity Woods Yoga Center in Bethesda, Maryland, Director and Advanced Iyengar Yoga Teacher, John Schumacher, opens up the discussion with some insight into Patanjali's Yoga Sutra I.33. maitri karuna mudita upeksanam sukha duhkha punya apunya visayanam bhavanatah cittaprasadanam Translated by BKS Iyengar, "Through cultivation of friendliness, compassion, joy, and indifference to pleasure and pain, virtue and vice respectively, the consciousness becomes favorably disposed, serene and benevolent."  Listen to More of Our Free Talks in Our Features Section.

Free Bliss Class with Diane Malaspina: Diane Malaspina (Ph.D.) is an experienced, 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (e-RYT 500), an Applied Psychologist, and a Senior Teacher for international yoga training program, Yoga Medicine©. Combining yoga tradition and modern science, she teaches evidenced-based methods for healing, stress prevention, and sustainable well-being through yoga sessions, workshops, and teacher trainings - both locally and across the globe. Listen to the Free Gentle Yoga Class with Diane.

Free Yoga Class with Betsey Downing: Betsey Downing, Ph.D., E-RYT-500, has been a yoga practitioner since 1972 and a meditator since 1974. Her teaching is a synergy of her core practices of meditation, pranayama, and asana. It is informed by decades of study of yoga and philosophical texts, writing, reflection, and personal growth work. Listen to a Free Yoga Class with Senior Teacher Betsey Downing.

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