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Practice Passion & Compassion to Honor the Remaining Days of Summer.

James Foulkes

Today marks the halfway point between the summer solstice and the fall equinox. It's called Lamas and it signals the beginning of the harvest season. We are about to transition into Late Summer as we move beyond the peak of  summer. Before we do, take with you the lessons learned from your growth this year. Take some time to honor what you have accomplished before you begin to reap what you have sewn.

Honor the emotions associated with the the summer’s fire element - passion and compassion. In Summer,  joy and passion are at their peak - not only passion in our relationships but passion for life itself.  When your sense of joy is diminished or your relationships are not fulfilling, we look at possible imbalances in our fire element.

One of the ways to antidote or heal an imbalance in fire is with compassion - the ability to put yourself in another’s place and to put that person’s welfare before your own. This is also one of the remedies found in the yoga sutras for calming the disturbances of citta, or consciousness.

The practice exists in many spiritual traditions, like the Loving Kindness Meditations found in Buddhism. I have shared one of my personal favorite meditations on our website, apparently said every morning by the Physician for the Dalai Lama.

Enjoy this transition into Late Summer and the earth element, but cherish fire and the joys of summer.

With Loving Kindness,

Sara Agelasto

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