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Ustrasana - Celebrate Femininity with Camel Pose

Megan Bowles, Ustrasana

There is no one pose that is the most feminine pose. Some poses are more feminine than others and some poses make you feel more feminine on different days of your practice. Ardha Chandrasana, Half Moon Pose, always feels very feminine to me. Perhaps it is because when I practice it on a good day, I feel extremely graceful and elegant. And while the name, camel pose, may not sound very feminine, Ustrasana, is very uplifting and powerful. This is my wish for everyone on International Women's Day that we uplift one another and empower each other to be beautiful, graceful, nurturing, compassionate and strong. Here are ten ways to celebrate the women in your life today and everyday:

1. Practice Yoga. Yoga has a way of grounding us and bringing us back to center. This enriches us in so many ways. It allows us to be more fully present so we can give ourselves more fully to others and to ourselves.

2. Dream. There is no time like the present to do what it is that we have always dreamed about. Dream big and then take the necessary steps it takes to get there.

3. Celebrate your accomplishments. No matter how big or small. Take the time to celebrate yourself.

4. Breathe Deeply. Again this brings us into the present moment. The only moment we have.

5. Encourage other women. Stop judging and comparing and instead support your sisters. Share in their triumphs and they will share in yours.

6. Prune. Let go of what no longer serves you. Say a prayer of gratitude and let go. This will allow more room for new growth.

7. Give to those less fortunate. No matter who you are or where you are, there is always someone less fortunate.

8. Spend time with other conscious women. Being in the presence of others who are walking a spiritual journey will help sustain you on your journey.

9. Rest well. Take time for yourself to be well. Learn to listen to your body and when it is time to rest, rest well.

10. Share your beauty with the world. Whatever you do that you love, share it! Be proud of who you are and the gifts that you bring to this world.

Listen to the Pronunciation of Ustrasana. Courtesy of the Online Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide.

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