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Women's History Month Celebrates Women As Healers and We Do Too!

Bobby Clennell in Rope Sirsasana

In Honor of Women's History Month, We Celebrate Women's Yoga Expert Bobby Clennell. Discounted Yoga for Women's Health Classes, FREE Yoga for Beginners Class Series and Charitable Donations Towards Women's Health in Ukraine. 

This month, we celebrate Women's History Month, which places a particular emphasis, this year, on women as healers. iHanuman has chosen to highlight one of our teachers who has dedicated her life to the study and teaching of yoga for women. Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Bobby Clennell, studied directly with Geeta & BKS Iyengar and has spent her lifetime teaching how to practice to navigate the changing life cycles women experience from Menarche to Menopause. 

We recorded two workshops with Bobby, both of which include special classes dedicated specifically to women's health. One workshop captured in Virginia Beach includes a special class on the practice of Yoga for Menopause. The second workshop, recorded in Charlottesville, Virginia, includes a class covering the topic of how to practice yoga during the changing lifecycles of a woman's life from the onset of Menstruation until Menopause

We are sharing clips this month on our Instagram Account highlighting several short videos we created during the Virginia Beach workshop. You can view these videos on Our YouTube Channel. And you can download the entirety of the weekend workshops in audio format on the iHanuman Website. These workshops include general classes on Inversions, Standing Poses, Side Stretch Poses, Backbends and Poses for the Groins & Hamstrings as well as the special classes for Women. All of these classes with Bobby have been discounted 25% this month and include her beautifully Illustrated Pose Lists with the purchase of each class. 

As many of you know, we donate at least 5% of the sale of EVERY class in our store to charitable organizations which rotate annually. This year, we have chosen to donate our proceeds to Project Hope in Ukraine to help them recover from this ongoing tragedy. 

Yoga for Menopause with Advanced Iyengar Yoga Teacher Bobby ClennellThis 3 hour session includes a sequence of poses to help ease the discomforts & challenges women face during Peri-Menopause. This period of time can last from months to years & include, among other symptoms - hot flashes, irritability & insomnia. Included with this class, is an illustrated pose booklet & special series of poses specifically for Hot Flashes illustrated by Bobby. This class is geared toward Intermediate & ongoing practitioners of Yoga & is not recommended for Beginners. This is an audio recording, but please view our video playlist of poses from the workshop.

Women's Issues: Menarche to Menopause with Advanced Iyengar Yoga Teacher Bobby Clennell The underlying currents of hormonal activity that women experience throughout their lives affects the way they feel and the way they interact with friends, family and society. In this 2-hour class Bobby Clennell presents an overview of women’s lives and talks about how yoga can be adjusted for the various phases, from childhood, through puberty, pregnancy, menopause, and beyond. These classes are discounted 25% this month in honor of Women's History Month! Listen to a Sample and Download Bobby's Classes.

FREE Introduction to Iyengar Yoga Class Series: We recorded an Introduction to Iyengar Yoga class series which we hope will be the launching pad for your yoga practice. After 6 weeks, you will feel confident joining any Level 1 yoga class or can continue your practice on your own.  This series is offered with love for FREE. Visit Our YouTube Channel to View the Entire Series and practice at your own pace. If you enjoy the series, please like, share and comment on the videos to let us know what you think!  Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel for More Free Videos from our Community Of Experienced  International Teachers. 


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