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The Yoga of Wisdom. The Yoga of Action. The Bhagavad Gita and Our Practice in Challenging Times

Sara Agelasto

We are so lucky to have our yoga practice particularly during times of change. One of the ways we remain grounded is by adherence to the Yamas and Niyamas, one of which is Svadhyaya or self study but also includes the study of spiritual texts.  I recently began re-reading the Bhagavad Gita during a particularly tumultuous time with my family. The first chapter of the book introduces us to the protagonist, Arjuna, who must go into battle with his family.

The Gita is a mythology to which we are all meant to relate. I was able to relate Arjuna's experience to what I was going through with my immediate family, but if we broaden our perspective it can also help us to relate to our global human family. While what we are experiencing has made me feel closer to my community, others may feel that we are in competition, not trusting one another and not feeling safe amongst one another. We may feel we are going into battle.

The 2nd chapter of the Bhagavad Gita leads us towards the solution, the Yoga of Wisdom and the need for the yogi or wise one to remain equanimous. Ultimately, the yogi does not get dragged up or down with the drama of the external world. This is a tall order right now, but this is why we practice, to still the fluctuations of consciousness - so we remain calm and even-keeled, especially during times of great uncertainty and stress. Our communities and families need our balanced discernment right now.

The 3rd chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, takes us further into the solution with the call to the Yoga of Action and Selfless Service. How can we be of service to our community when we are "socially distancing" ourselves? There are so many ways.

Educate Yourself with the Experts at the CDC.
Follow the Advice of the CDC & Limit Nonessential Travel.
Enjoy Quiet Time at Home with your Family.
Refresh Your Disaster Preparedness Plan.
Check First Aid Kits, Light & Heat Sources & Food Supplies.
Prepare Yourself & Your Families for a 3 Month Period.
Do Not PANIC BUY Supplies. Save little by little for Rainy Days.
Encourage Calm Activities like Yoga, Meditation & Spending Time in Nature.
Stay in Touch with Friends, Family, Neighbors & Students. Ask Your Friends How You Help Them.

We are all innovating and changing our habits during this time. Yoga Studios are innovating to teach online and iHanuman is here to help. We offer some suggestions for you below as well as some links to sequences that may be helpful during this time.

We also include a coupon Code that you can use to buy classes during this time. Use MARCH2020 to get 20% off ALL yoga classes until the end of March.

We look forward to helping you, our community and global family,  during this time of transition.

Sara Agelasto


Respiratory Sequence for Colds & Flus
From BKS Iyengar's Book, Yoga: The Path to Holisitc Health, this sequence is for minor viral infections of the mucous membranes that line the upper respiratory tract, including the nose and throat. The most common symptoms are nasal obstruction and discharge, sinusitis, sore throat, sneezing, coughing and headaches. View and Practice the Sequence.

Restorative Sequence to Boost Immunity
"The Immune System is the defense mechanism of the body and protects us from disease. There are two types of immunity: natural and acquired. Yoga strengthens both, and regular practice of the recommended asanas can help to counter the disorders that affect them." View and Practice the Immune Sequence.

Technical Support During This Transition
Get Yourselves & Your Studios straight with a live streaming platform. Then make the absolute best recordings you can. You can and should charge for your recordings. Your classes are your artwork. Sign Up for a FREE iHanuman Teacher Account and Distribute Your Recorded Classes Online. We would love to help you. Create A Free iHanuman Account Now!

Starchive It!
You will need a place to archive, curate and distribute your files. We partner with Starchive. Starchive costs about the same as a Dropbox account and not only is it light years ahead in terms of functionality, it is much easier to use. Organizations like the Satchidananda Yoga Ashram use Starchive and you should too! Create a Free Starchive Account Now!

Nettles for Immune Support
For a little while longer, we are in the season of the water element which is governed by the kidneys. The kidneys house our vital essence, our natural energy reserve. Nourishing the kidneys with tonics and adaptogenic herbs helps us reduce stress and support our immune systems. As an Herbalist, one of my favorite kidney tonics is Nettles (Urtica dioca).

Nettles are sprouting up in gardens and along waysides all across the northern hemisphere now. While the fresh leaves have stinging nettles and you need to be careful when harvesting them, if you masticate them in a blender or dry them for use later, the stinging nettles will no longer harm you. They are delicious used in pesto, as an alternative to basil or steeped as a nourishing tea. Nettles support the immune system against allergens which is also an issue this time of year. Try this Nettle Pesto Recipe from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Namaste Goes Mainstream.
World Leaders Use the Traditional Indian Hand Gesture as a Greeting during the Pandemic.

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