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Yoga Sutra: Level 1 with Manorama

Join Manorama, Director of the School of Sanskrit Studies in New York City, for a very special ten-hour workshop on the Yoga Sutra.
Students will delve into the unique relationship that exists between breath and sound, and between energy and consciousness. Combining academic knowledge and practical experience, this course offers a new lens through which to view the vast and enlightening subject of the Yoga Sutra.

The Yoga Sutra, written by Sri Patanjali approximately 2,000 years ago as a practical guide to freedom, is considered by many practitioners to be the seminal text on yoga philosophy. Don't miss this opportunity to learn, study and chant the Yoga Sutra with one of the Sanskrit language's most accomplished modern teachers.
This workshop is appropriate for students and teachers of yoga or of Eastern Studies, as well as anyone who is interested in an in-depth exploration of yoga philosophy. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a curious mind, a notebook, and a pen or pencil.

At the Split Rock Farm in Ivy
October 11-12
Cost: $150 by September 26; $200 thereafter
Registration & More Info:; 434.970.7980

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