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Love, Service, Devotion, Yoga

Love. Service. Devotion. Yoga.

In keeping with the four-word theme of the amazing iHanuman community, I thought it appropriate to write a few quick words for each as my first post.

Love: We have a Thought Board at my office. It's a simple dry-erase board at the entry that everyone writes on. Some days there are random thoughts but most days there are questions. The other day the question was: Which is more powerful, love or hate? A seemingly simple question but, in reality, more thought provoking and discussion sparking than everyone was prepared for that day. It was amazing to witness. My answer: Love is infinitely more powerful than hate and love in numbers cannot be broken or challenged.

Service: Seva is the embodiment of all that yoga teaches us. It's the walk to the talk. To serve is to receive. In this challenging economy, service doesn't have to mean a monetary gift. It can be as simple as a smile or hug to someone who needs it. Volunteer, teach a free class, give someone a ride.

Devotion: We all feel the spark of central energy that yoga gives us but what is it and where does it come from? Adrenaline?  Our spirits? God/dess? Whatever the belief, yoga is the thing that takes us there and devotion is the thing that brings us back. Through yoga, we nurture our relationship with the divine.

Yoga: It's why we are all here! Yoga is union with love, life, spirit, consciousness, each other and ourselves. Each time we teach or take a class, we perpetuate this union.
In abundant love, gratitude and service,

Yoga Style: 

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