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Building a Bridge Between Seasons

We now find ourselves halfway between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Earth-based spirituality celebrates the period from February 1st-February 4th by observing a holiday called Candlemas.  One of eight fire rituals in the traditional calendar, it marks an important time of purification and passage.  It is interesting to note its counterpart in the Christian tradition, in which the holiday Candlemas marks the ritual purification ceremony performed at the Temple of Jerusalem for the infant Jesus and his mother Mary.
Although the new year is said to begin at Winter Solstice, it does not come to life until Candlemas.  The dark of winter gives us an opportunity to draw inward and reflect on our deepest desires and values; hence the tradition of setting New Year's intentions.  And it is now, at Candlemas, that we begin consciously taking steps to manifest these intentions in the world. Ideas and plans that were conceived in the process of turning inward at the darkest part of the cycle are now beginning to manifest.   In a parallel process in the world around us, as the winter snows melt we see sprouts of new life emerging from the ground that were safely tucked away under a layer of frost.
Both literally and figuratively, this is an ideal time of year for sowing the seeds of what is to come.  And in this lies great opportunity:  How do we nurture those seeds that will flower into the most abundant and expansive version of how we want our lives to be?
Finding clarity of purpose and channeling energy into those avenues that best support our health and personal growth have the ability to incite significant breakthroughs in our own lives.  Whom do we wish to be in the world?  What creative visions do we want to see come to fruition in the warmth of spring and summer?  What harvest do we hope to reap next fall?


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