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yoga ttc in india

Yoga mudras: what are the types of yoga mudra, how do we practice yoga mudras, and what are the beneficial effects of mudras? Mudra means "seal", "gesture" or "mark". And simply put, yoga mudras are gestures or shapes we make with our hands. Each has it's own unique intention and implication, and they help facilitate the flow of energy through the subtle body and can enhance one's yoga practice.

Yoga means union, and if our yoga practice is something that can facilitate us union with ourselves, then mudras can help us to achieve this even further. We can connect with different intentions, elements, or perspectives and channel this energy through a mudra. Mudras are often used in combination with asanas or pranayama which further helps facilitate the flow of energy.  Each finger or point of the hand stimulates a different part of the brain, so by changing mudras we can alter the energy circuits and cultivate a specific frame of mind. If you set your...

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