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What are the benefits of Ashtanga Yoga

ashtanga yoga
The progressive series of postures with synchronization of breath work and awareness, Ashtanga Yoga is the key to healthy living for many across the world. This fast paced yoga form attracts many because of its far reaching benefits, both physically and mentally. The reason why many foreign tourists choose to pursue Ashtanga yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, – “the yoga capital of the world”, is that they find the apt environment, proficient yoga teachers, and the correct exposure. Influenced by the teachings of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, this form of yogic science founds its true evolution at the hands of K. Pattabhi Jois. Engaging the practitioner’s gaze, locks, and bodily movements, Ashtanga Yoga is also referred to as Ashtanga Vinyasa due to the combination of breath and movement. The reason that this form of yoga is opted highly is because of the following benefits it offers:

Physical Aspect : Many juxtapose Ashtanga Yoga to Power yoga due its impact on body weight. The intense heat produced during the practice with the rigorous movement of body melts excess body fat. This heat further purifies the organs and muscles by removing toxins and detoxifying it. Apart from this, as the body heats up, the blood becomes thinner and cleaner. Thinner blood moves freely in the body, which leads to increased blood circulation, pain removal, and a disease free body. The joints in the body are also well lubricated with regular yogic work, whereas muscles become more supple and flexible. Due to the wide range of physicals benefits one can gain from a serious training in Ashtanga Yoga, it is considered to be extremely valuable.

Mental Aspect: Coming to the mental aspect of yoga, the asana practice in Ashtanga yoga is not limited to just physical postures. All asanas incorporate the involvement of breath, gaze, locks, and awareness in order to offer complete redemption from the modern day diseases. Ashtanga yoga training programs offer calmness of the mind, increases inner peace, pacifies restless mind, and also enables relief in stress and tension. Those people who experience mental clarity also find this branch of yoga to be highly useful.

Spiritual Aspect: Yogic certification and classes, whether it is an Ashtanga Teacher training course or a Hatha, are bound to open new gateways for spiritual growth. While practicing yoga not just on the mat but off the mat as well, we find our egos to melt away and are able to accept our fallacies. When we know our fallacies we work on them, which furthermore acts as a tool to increased wisdom and truth about our surroundings. Enhanced inner peace, balanced energy channels, synchronized breath are some of the spiritual benefits of being in something as committed as an Ashtanga Yoga TTC.

Finding its base in Yoga Kurunta, this form of yogic studies is backed by many yogic texts and is also one of the most sought after forms by both yogis and yoga lovers.

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