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Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships 2017

When a mind or a body sets itself on the due course of health and enlightenment, it sometimes has to face certain challenges that may obstruct its way and come between its right to knowledge. However, if a soul is passionate and dedicated towards achieving its goal, then these obstructions do not stand in the way forever. With sustainable efforts and determination, these impediments gradually begin to deplete.

There are yoga aspirants who encounter the plight of making yoga teaching affordable. They are unable to pursue their dream of becoming a yoga teacher on account of financial barriers.

Rishikul Yogshala, one of the most sought-after yoga school in India, has the tool that can eliminate these barriers and get the aspirant the right to a fully fledged training in Yoga. These tools are the Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship plans, designed for all those beautiful souls who desire nothing more in life than to learn yoga and further spread their knowledge to others. Rishikul Yogshala firmly believes in preaching Karma Yoga and strongly believes in imbibing its principles. In order to continue to value the teachings of Karma Yoga, the school has taken the necessary step towards helping those fellow yogis who have the dedication to learn and preach Yoga, but do not have enough monetary resources to attain it. As a step forward, in order to make this art accessible to all those who truly deserve it, Rishikul Yogshala has introduced these Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships for 2017.

These Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships shall be offered by Rishikul Yogshala in the yoga capital, Rishikesh.

If a candidate fits the eligibility criteria then they shall be awarded with a scholarship of up to 100 % on training and tuition fee.

Every yoga enthusiast is eligible to apply for these Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships regardless of background, occupation, or yoga related experience. All one is required to do is put forth an application that expresses their inclination and enthusiasm for attaining this majestic science and also, speaks of their inane desire to further spread this reformative art form to others.

However, there are certain prerequisites which may give the candidate weightage over others while applying for these Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships. An applicant may be granted scholarship if they:

● Have been practicing Yoga for more than two years and now want to further dedicate their life to its knowledge.
● Can commit to 90% attendance
● Are able to willfully involve in karma yoga projects like volunteer work, environment cleaning practices, etc,
● Can send in their application describing their previous experience with Yoga and wellness, in either visual or written format or both.
● Are in need to financial assistance and can provide enough documentation in support of the same.

Once an application is submitted, it is taken up for review by a panel of yoga experts, who eventually decide whether to grant the scholarship or not.

Students who are granted these Yoga Scholarships receive the same course delivery as rest of the non-scholarship students. There is no distinction from the regular or non-scholarship students in the course curriculum and the sessions. Each scholarship student is imparted an equal amount of knowledge of yoga with the others.

Those who are in need of financial assistance, and possess the required dedication to pursue this art form may apply for these Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships and take the next step towards accomplishing their dream of becoming a well-learned yoga teacher.


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