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Hands to Heart Center

No matter how long you've been practicing yoga you are sure to be familiar with Anjali mudra (prayer position). By understanding the gesture of bringing "hands to heart center" as more than a physical act, you have the power to change your entire practice.
To understand this powerful mudra, we must examine the elements involved. By connecting the left hand (the side where we take in energy) to the right hand (the side where we release energy) we form a circuitous cycle of unification for the subtle body.  Next, we slightly cup the hands to create space between the palms, keeping the pinky side of the hands connected. By doing so, we are reminded that where there is space, there is potential. In this space we place our intentions and dedications for practice giving them the opportunity to grow and eventually come to fruition. We can nurture these qualities by placing Anjali mudra at our heart center or shed light on them by bringing them to the third eye, or Ajna Chakra, our seat of intuition.
To practice:
Come to a comfortable seated position. Sit and breathe. Find space within the inhalations and exhalations and allow the mind to slow down. Bring your hands to heart center, slightly cupping the palms to create space.  Keep the outer rims of the hands connected. Set your intention or dedication, placing that energy within Anjali mudra and carry that throughout your practice or meditation.


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