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It Won't Always Be This Way

Whether it was a good idea or not, I did something pretty out of character yesterday. Instead of cranking away at the end of my work day, continuing my search for new employment, and/or finishing up my taxes, I chose to stop what I was doing, go outside and sit in the sun. You see, the past few weeks have been very tiring and with the change I can feel coming, I decided to take advantage of an opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and springtime.
 I figure it won't always be this way. I won't always have the freedom to make my own schedule, sit in the sunshine, and listen to the wind whisper through the trees. In due time, I will happily be in a new job, sitting behind a desk, plugging away at whatever project has been laid before me. From there will be chores, and then family, and one day children to take care of. Taking the extra time now when I can is not only a luxury, but a necessity. After all, there is no better way to feel more grounded than by sitting down and connecting with the earth.
Life is transient and unexpected. Without this understanding we're no better off than if we never grew out of infancy. In order to ease our suffering we must learn to accept the inevitability of change. Nothing is permanent. A year ago I never imagined I'd be where I am today and I can only wonder at the thought of where I'll be in a another year from now. Although that thought seems daunting and surreal, I am working hard to find peace and serenity in the here and now.
I encourage you to take the hour if you have it and if you only have a minute, then take that minute. Whatever is on your plate can wait. When you return, your fresh attitude and perspective will make that laundry list a little more doable.
Sat Nam,


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