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See Only Love

See only love-a very simple, yet powerful statement. It is easy to see love when we are peaceful and happy. When we are filled with joy, it is natural to open our hearts and express our love to the world.  Love can come very easily, but can also challenge us as well.
Often we fall prey to these challenges and allow ourselves to become angry, frustrated and confused by others.  Whether there's an angry caller on the line, a co-worker is not cooperating, or a loved one is placing blame, in instances like these, we must see only love.
By embarking on a practice of Bhakti, as laid out in the Bhagavad Gita, we learn to devote ourselves to something higher than ourselves. By this simple act of devotion, we offer love in to all that we do and we see love in everyone we meet. That connection is eternal and aligns us with the Infinite. When you see only love, you see only Divinity.
Bhakti is a lifelong practice, but we can work on this every day to every one we meet. The next time you're feeling frustrated or hurt by another, try to remove yourself from the situation and work to see only love. Close your eyes, ground down and gain support from Mother Earth and take a deep breath to Anahata, your heart center. When you reopen your eyes, look upon your neighbor and see the situation through the lens of love. With this intention in mind, you're bound to open up to greater compassion for yourself and all others involved.
When all is said and done, isn't love all we really need?


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